Payal Sinha-My art, my therapy

Payal Sinha
Payal Sinha

Payal Sinha- My art, My therapy

Payal Sinha quotes, “Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” – Anni Albers.

I am not only quoting him but but I am also explaining the surreal feeling that I have felt over the years. Every time I am around my art supplies, I feel a different kind of happiness and positivity encompassing me.

My art has always been a gateway to another realm, an escape. It was November 2017 when I had picked the painting brush for the first time, and I had been experiencing a lot of different emotions at that time. I started with a few acrylic paints bought from my local store and painted a replica of something I had found on Pinterest.

It made me resolve my pain; the depression in me vanished every time my tiny fingers circled the painting brush. I was a little calmer and a little less nervous in the presence of the art that I had created. One thing leads to another and with time, and gradually I enjoyed painting more than anything. In July 2018, I started my page on Instagram with the handle @thesimplyaesthetic.

2018 was a rough year in my life as I was going through a lot of things, but my art emerged as a major reason to keep going.

My canvas is something that completes me, and quite naturally, I cannot go a day without painting. It plays a significant role when it comes to making a connection with my soul. I have been falling in love with every painting that I create. It tends to fill the void in me.

To anyone who has been doing something that makes them happy, it doesn’t really have to be perfect if you are content with what you are doing.