Piece by Piece


Piece by Piece

We come from an entrepreneurial family and thus growing up, we have both relished the idea of becoming entrepreneurs and establishing something of our own just like our father.

We had embarked on distinct academic and professional paths. However, our journeys coincided during the pandemic when we both found ourselves in India, keen to create something of our own. Our shared passion for puzzles, which we had enjoyed together since childhood, resurfaced during this time. But when we attempted to purchase puzzles online, we discovered that there were no noteworthy Indian brands available and the designs were uninspiring. This realization prompted us to collaborate and develop our puzzle brand.

Our goal was to revive the joy of solving puzzles and encourage people to incorporate us into our self-care routines, as the benefits of puzzle-solving are numerous. We intended to build a brand utilizing locally-sourced materials as much as possible, manufacturing the puzzles ourselves. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we persevered through our journey’s ups and downs. We are now proud to offer 1000-piece puzzles, featuring the work of Indian artists, along with puzzle glue to enable them to be transformed into permanent artwork. We have plans to expand our line to include 00-piece puzzles.

Our vision was to provide people with a source of calm and tranquility through puzzle-solving, which would later be framed as art. This spontaneous idea that emerged during our puzzle-solving sessions was a manifestation of our childhood dreams. We took a leap of faith, and the outcome has been immensely gratifying.