For the Love of Acting- Prakruti Mishra


Recipient of the National Film Award for Special Mention Jury for Hello Arsi, Prakruti Mishra is a popular Odia film and Indian TV actress. She entered the industry at a very young age and has been seen in shows like Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki, Bitti Business Wali and Ace of Space 2, that gave her nationwide recognition. She is also a deft Odissi dancer.

At a very young age, she had decided to be a part of the film industry and has worked her way up to be one of the most popular TV actresses. She believes in hard work and professionalism. Having been in front of the camera since the age of 5 with the film Sabata Maa, she wears her work like a second skin and has gone on to win multiple awards. Learn what she had to say in a conversation with Storiyaan.


Questions and answers

At a young age, you started constructing the roadway as an actress. How would you describe your journey in a blurb?

I started my career as a dancer, initially. I had been learning Odyssey since I was in Nursery. I started acting in movies at a very early age. Since then, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the industry, and I wanted to do something in the Arts field. That kept me motivated, and it became my goal to be an actress. I knew that I belong to the industry, and acting is something I love doing.

What is something you dislike about your profession?

The lack of discipline and irregular work schedules annoy me a lot. Some production houses and people also behave in a very unprofessional manner. I am very punctual, and I like to get my work done on time.

What is the fondest memory you have from your early stages of being an actress?

I have worked with eminent directors and producers at a very early age. Working with directors like Shishir Mishra, Prativa Ranta Parbati Ghosh, Sadhu Meher are some of the dearest memories of my childhood.

Can you tell us about your experience of playback singing for "Bittibusinesswali"?

The channel and the production team of Bitti Business Wali did not know earlier that I used to sing. One day I was singing on the set. The director and the team liked it and asked me to sing the title track and the jingle of Bitti Business Wali. I was a big surprise for me. I had fun doing it, and it turned out to be a nice jingle afterwards.

Who do you consider the biggest inspiration in your life and why?

My dreams and my way of living my life motivates me a lot. I hate mediocrity and people who think in a mediocre way. I believe everyone should grow for a better lifestyle and a better state of mind.

What is your favourite childhood memory that you remember growing up within your homeland?

I love my hometown a lot. I was born in Bhubaneshwar, and I love it. So every memory is very dear to me. I have many friends there with whom I have spent some great times. Most of my fondest memories were on the sets. Rest of the times I used to go to my dance classes, cycling and swimming. I also used to go for summer camps, which are some of the most prominent memories of my childhood. I used to do social work too. I was involved with an association called RACE. I used to go to different schools in India and take part in our cultural exchange programmes which were super fun and interesting.

What is one memory that you cherish from Ace of Space?

I opted for self-publishing. I wanted to be in control of what I’m serving to the readers. There are a lot of benefits of self-publishing as I can research it right off. In the publication process, my team was very supportive and cooperative, and they also offered me a scholarship because of the quality of my writing. I opted for ebooks because I wanted my book to be available in all possible platforms, in every part of the world. I didn’t want people to feel that my book is inaccessible. You can have ebooks on your phone or use it as an audiobook too, so it is pretty convenient.

What are some of the promotional strategies you used to market the book?

I remember when I had got three trump cards and back to back for winning in cultural competitions like dance and other activities, and I was so happy! Meeting Vikas Gupta is also another fond memory. When my dad came into the house, and we sang together. It was a very different and amazing experience for me in Ace of Space.

Can you walk us through a typical Monday in your life?

Mondays are my favourite days to chill and hang out because I do not want to do anything on any other day but Monday. I do not know why I feel extremely low on Mondays. So I like to keep myself as engaged as possible. I try to do all kinds of exciting stuff on Monday.

What did you take back from the show?

From Ace of Space, I took a lot of self-introspection knowledge and also patience, because I was there for seventy-five days. It boosted my self-confidence and infused a calmness in me.

You are a National Award Winner. How surreal was the experience of receiving it?

My National Award experience was a surprise and also a blessing. Receiving an award which is the most prestigious one in our country for actors and for people who are in the industry is commendable, and I feel very proud of myself for that. It is one of the best experiences one can ever hope to have.

Can you give us insights about your projects undercover?

There are a couple of projects lined up. One is a very unique music video that is going to come out very soon. I am also doing a film with Akash Bhai, which is in line and then I’m planning to go back to Mumbai in a couple of months and resume the work I was doing there.

Quick 5

a. A person you look up to –  Priyanka Chopra.

b. Favourite movie –  Kill Bill and The Pursuit of Happiness

c. Dream Destination – Norway to see the Northern Lights

d. Go-to makeup prop –  Eyebrows and lipstick

e. Best advice ever received – “Kuchh to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna”. Do whatever you want to do, whatever you feel right and not care about judgemental people. At the end of the day you are on your own, so pay no heed to what people say about you.