Goofy And Original : Preksha Kothari


“Originality is what makes your content unique and relatable.” believes Preksha, a budding digital creator who loves creating content.

In her interview with Storiyaan, Preksha gives us an insight into her work and her life, she also tells us about her journey as a content creator and speaks about the challenges she faced along the way. A happy person with big dreams, Preksha looks forward to expanding her reach and showcasing her uniqueness to the world through her YouTube channel. Read to learn more about this young creator.


Questions and answers

Can you tell us a little about Queens Pack and how did you come up with it?

My sisters and I started Queens Pack together a few months back and we make handcrafted paper items. My cousin has a knack for creativity and we decided to put it to use and start our business. The response so far, from our clients has been great and we love what we are doing right now.

What was the reaction of people around you when you told them that you have decided to become a digital creator?

I wasn’t sure how people around me would react, so I started this whole thing very slyly. I first started by making random videos but I did not have the confidence of posting them. My sister encouraged me to post a video and the response I received was amazing. This boosted my confidence and I decided to make more videos. It is my favourite thing to do and people also love my content, so I had no reason to stop.

How do you plan to expand your reach in the future and what promotional strategies are you planning to adopt to promote your content?

I try to be regular and add my own spice to my content. I do have a few marketing strategies in my mind and I might apply them in the future. I also try to keep my content realistic and relatable and that’s literally all that I do.

You do a lot of challenges for your YouTube channel. Can you tell us about your favourite challenge and about your experience of making that video?

I have wanted to make videos for YouTube for a very long time and when I put forth this idea to my sister, she loved it. We decided to make our channel and both of us love making videos. My favourite challenge was the Memory Challenge and the second one was Never Have I Ever. The second one was very relatable to people and a lot of them loved it.

What is a cause you are passionate about and would like to stand up for?

One cause that I really care about is education. I believe that every child deserves to be educated and especially girls so that they can stand up on their own and be independent. I also believe in gender equality. When we are standing up for girls and teaching boys to be respectful to them, we should also teach girls to be respectful to boys because this is what gender equality is all about.

What advice would you give to budding digital creators or to people who are planning to get into this field?

One thing is to be true not only to others but to yourself as well. You should not create content for others but yourself as well. You need to create content that will not hurt anyone’s emotions. You need to be kind to your followers as well and appreciate them for their compliments and not be harsh to them because these are the people that are helping you grow.