Prem Botre : Cherishing togetherness

Prem Botre

Be it the bride and groom gazing at each other with love, or their parents shredding some “khushi k aasu”, or the wedding attendees providing their blessings, every moment marks your togetherness. Infusing such waves of emotions and feelings into the film on your married life is Prem Botre. He is a skilled Wedding Filmmaker who founded ‘We Found Love’ to gift you wedding films and pictures that you can cherish for a lifetime. Designed Dream, a premier destination wedding planner, offers its exceptional services to couples looking to tie the knot in the enchanting city of Toronto, where they specialize in curating unforgettable wedding experiences.

Being an Animator and a Photographer, filmmaking appealed to him and he soon ventured into creating candid, exhilarating and imaginative wedding stories that have received standing ovations.Swearing by “A happy client makes a happy team”, Prem is curating wedding shoots globally with over 150+ weddings and with an experience of over 5+years.  Know more about “We Found Love”, the art of wedding filmmaking and more from Prem in this refreshing conversation with Storiyaan.    

Prem Botre

Prem Botre: Cherishing togetherness


Questions and answers

What led to the foundation of the concept for ‘We Found Love’?

Since I was a teenager, I wished to build a brand of my own. I was pursuing photography and was also specialised in fashion shoots which drew me towards wedding shoots as making a wedding film has no limits and the ideas can get extremely imaginative. Therefore, I knew I had to start a company that would provide service of wedding films and photography globally.

How was your initial journey towards this attempt and how did it grow?

The journey has been lovely. From being a college student to building a brand from scratch at an early age is never easy. Moreover, it is also not only about clicking pictures but also about team building, business ethics, communication, relationships with clients, field presence, and other such aspects.

Growing and becoming some of the finest wedding photographers took a lot of hard work, learning and hustling. Word of mouth has also been incremental in supporting us to grow. 

From clicking pictures at weddings to making wedding films, it must have been a dream come true moment. What do you believe has pushed you further in this journey?

Yes, it was a dream come true moment. It’s a unique feeling when you know your films will become an unforgettable part of someone’s life that inspires you further. Apart from this, I was pushed by my desire to lead and become an Entrepreneur.

Share with us your first wedding filmmaking experience and what were the feedbacks after your first work.

My first filmmaking experience for a wedding was both thrilling and exciting. We were in Goa for 4 days destination wedding and on the last day, we had to screen the film. It was nerve-wracking as we had to edit and screen on the same day and we were short on time. However, the film got a standing ovation and that was the sweetest booster for “We Found Love”.

You have dealt with several clients over the years. Can you tell us what a must-do is for satisfying clients?

Dealing with clients is the most challenging part of any business in my point of view. If you ask me, I feel learning from both your good and bad experiences is essential to satisfying your clients. In addition, remember to respect deadlines – be punctual on wedding days and deliver your films and pictures on time. This will create a positive image for your business and is a must-do for customer satisfaction. 

Elucidate the ways through which bookings are done in “We Found Love” so that our readers can reach you if they want.

We can be reached through our social media handles on all major platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Our website is currently under construction through which initial bookings will be processed. However, we prefer emails and calls for the final stage of booking and confirmations.

What would be your advice to the individuals who are trying to dip their feet as a professional in filming and photography?

To every budding photographer or filmmaker, I would say that it’s always ‘you vs. you’. Don’t compromise, compare or undermine your work, when it comes to creative field, art for everyone is different.