Priya Dhandapani: Balancing the Scales


Priya Dhandapani: Balancing the Scales

There was always a sense of higher calling which laid inside of me. However, I got married at 21 and became a mother at the age of 22. I had an ambitious side to me, which wanted to attain something at the professional front. Therefore, with the notion of changing the idea of women in society, worked and sold tailored blouses from my house. After nine years of tailoring, I was left unsatisfied with what I had become. The next thing I did was being a radio jockey. I wanted to be the voice that can empower other women, but it did not quite work well with me.

When I got the whiff of life coaching jobs, it piqued my interest. I was always told by my friends and family that I had a soothing voice that could calm down people. I gave this a shot and was amazed at how I could easily communicate with people and help them solve their conflicts. I became a certified life coach in the year 2020. Assisting people to find their passion is my main goal as a life coach. Most women find it helpful as they are the ones who are in constant need of guidance and reminders. I am proud to say that I have helped women re-establish a sense of confidence within them. The ability to manage your work and your family responsibilities are a tough one, but I have been able to teach a lot of my clients how to manage time judiciously.

A woman, especially a mother switching on their guilt mode is something which I have seen very often. They feel that they have neglected their child for the sake of work, and this thought constantly tortures their minds. I am here to say that there is nothing wrong with it as you too are trying to provide for the family. You too want your children to study in a good school, wear a nice set of clothes and eat a healthy meal. Don’t let these feelings of guilt eat you up alive.

Ladies, you need to love yourself. Do not restrict yourself, as you may never know your true potential. Get out from those four walls of chains, unbind them, break them and unleash your ideas to claim your sense of belonging in this world.