Priyanka Srivastava: Speaking about Tarot

Priyanka Srivastava

“I believe, when something is meant for you, it gives you peace and calm, not palpitations. And I felt that with tarot”. Meet Priyanka Srivastava, a tarot card reader who believes in miracles and the power of the Universe.


Being from a technical background along with avid interest and longing for card reading, she says that Tarot has been a fortunate stroke of serendipity for her. She believes that she has finally found her higher purpose with the Tarot.


Priyanka started tarot with a little initiative and now she has patrons and supporters who appreciate and believe in her work. Her vision is to reach out and guide people through her readings. Hop on to this interesting conversation about the Tarot with Priyanka Srivastava.

Priyanka Srivastava

Priyanka Srivastava: Speaking about Tarot


Questions and answers

What sparked your interest to begin your profession as a tarot card reader and how were you motivated for this journey?

I was naturally drawn to the Tarot. It all started with my coming across the tarot prediction columns in newspapers. I was totally captivated by this new field. Then one day while shopping in a bookstore, I came across my first deck- I just had to have it. I hadn’t even learned Tarot then. With time, things kept materializing on their own. I got the opportunity to learn it and eventually practice it. Now I am doing readings for others as well.

Could you share with us any such personal experiences that made you believe in the power of tarot card reading and practice it in life?

I had a personal reading done by a reader once. The situation was nowhere close to the prediction being possible, so I forgot about it. But after a few years, everything changed and came to be true. I was astounded. That made me believe in the power of the Tarot. I actually experienced it to believe it.

Tarot has been used as a divination tool to tap into the energies of people to get a clear picture of the situation. Could you elaborate on the same?

Tarot is an energy exchange where based on the querent’s energy, one’s past, present, and future can be deduced. Getting a Tarot reading done is like consulting an elder who knows it all. We get all the information that assists us to make better choices and decisions and we can actively work towards shaping a better future.

What were some of the major roadblocks you faced when you started as a tarot card reader in your initial days?

The main roadblock a budding reader, or any professional for that matter, faces is finding a genuine financial and emotional support system. Fortunately, for me, I always had people in my circle who were encouraging and uplifting and not myopic and negative. Making healthy boundaries and always believing in oneself is paramount. Everything else follows. Also learning who is a true well-wisher and keeping them close. Now with time, my work and positive energy have spoken for itself and I get motivated by seeing how my readings have been helping people on a daily basis.

What are your ways to help and connect with people to guide them through their journey?

I help them see the bigger picture and give them direction when they feel confused and are at crossroads. The readings help them identify their doubts, fears and acknowledge their intuition. Getting some direction about their future helps them find peace and calm and hence helps them make constructive and sensible decisions.

Can you tell us about some of the most memorable clientele experiences and what impact they had on you?

I remember one of my friends coming to me for some readings. But she was a bit skeptical at first. As a matter of fact, she had never believed in tarot. So, I did some readings for her and after some time she saw my predictions coming true. It was one memorable experience of my life as I could make her believe in the Tarot.

Often people get misled while falling into the wrong hands of tarot card readers. How can one check the authenticity to avoid such mishaps?

It’s actually hard to predict if a tarot reader is authentic or not. But I feel, you can do a background check and go with the feedback that the reader must have gotten. If the reader is experienced enough, there is no harm in taking a session. It’s only during the first couple of sessions that you will get to know if a tarot reader is authentic or not.

What would be your suggestions to develop positive approaches and outlooks in life and what are those?

Well for developing positivity you have to have a positive mindset and that is the key to everything. Start your day with a positive affirmation and wake up while the sun is still rising. Take a saltwater bath once in a while. Shut your electronic devices at night and go to bed early. Use the power of manifestations and affirmations all this while and I am sure with time, you will develop a positive outlook towards everything in life and will get rid of all the negative energies.

What is your proudest milestone?

I have had people telling me that they derive lots of positivity and inspiration from my readings. That they have received a direction and a boost and have started working with vigor in life. Feedbacks like these make me feel very proud as it is my sole mission to guide and help them. Every positive feedback that I receive is my proudest milestone.

Quick 5

1. The person you look upto the most- My father


2. Tarot reading to you is- meditation and connecting with the divine.


3. Spirituality to you is- kindness, compassion, empathy


4. The quote you stand by-Your mind is the key to everything u want.


5. Your proudest milestone- I am grateful for everything I have been  blessed with.