Winging it through Motherhood


Winging it through Motherhood

Being the cabin crew in-charge, makeup has always been a part of my routine. It was my second love to be precise. As much as I loved makeup, I chose to keep the cabin crew job as my priority, but deep down I always wanted to explore this creative side of mine.

I always wanted to be a mother and my wish came true after conceiving, and I asked if I could take a layover from my cabin crew job. Now with all the free time in hands, I decided to give makeup a full shot.

I started posting my content on social media and taking classes as well. Conducting classes is the best part of my day, till date. From classes and social media, I also started getting bridal clients. What can be a better job than literally being the wing woman of a bride on her most memorable day, isn’t it?

A lot of people question me as to why I left my cabin crew job for this, but little do they understand that my happiness gets its true flight from makeup.

I started this makeup journey, on an uncertain note, not knowing where I was headed, and also believed to return back to the cabin crew. Only after getting into this creative exploration, I discovered what I truly wanted. Getting to spend more time with my daughter and family is an added perk I must say.

Having a well settled job, I always thought I had it all figured out. However, when I started on this uncertain path it felt like I was 21 all over again. Kya pata tha that pregnancy would bring in so many changes.

From giving up on my “stable job” to rediscovering my love for makeup and exploring this field in every way possible, and then things going downhill due to the lockdown to now, when I’ve come back stronger than ever before, life always took unexplained turns, only to teach me ki “you will never have it all figured out” and that element of surprise is the beauty to life.