Radhika Mittal-A Girl In Love With Pink!

Radhika Mittal

A Girl In Love With Pink!

Corporate meetings I attended stretched for long and tiring hours. Over time, these hours became dull. Boredom has the potential to bring out creativity. I used mine to sketch and indulge in my art of interest. I even sketched during meetings. To avoid that, my boss gifted me with a fantastic color palette and a sketchbook on Christmas.


Sketching is therapeutic for me. It fills my heart with calmness. I was also into video editing. Hence, I decided to fuse these two versions of my creativity. This is how Girl Who Loves Pink was born. The name itself has an interesting story. I have been in a relationship with the color pink ever since I was in college. Even my laptop was a splash of pink in the crowd of black and white ones. From lipstick to heels, it has always been my color. My friends wrap my gifts in pink paper and even say that they remember me whenever they see anything of that shade.


Seeing how deeply it is a part of me, I chose that name without a second guess.


I began displaying my works on Instagram as I quit my job to focus on a disciplined practice entirely. I also wanted to make a living out of my passion. So I went ahead to sign a contract with diary publishers and vendors to get my sketches and paintings on the hardcover of their books. The first edition was given to my boss as a gift who told me in return to scale it up. And that’s what I’ve been doing now.


I work with stationery products, as well as home decor items. My creativity also ranges from designing some beautiful coasters and eye-catching wall art.


I’m committed to designing logos and products going onto shelves. I also create gifts, pop, and personalized hampers. The idea is to make them all desirable. With a corporate order down, I’m building my path now. To shackle one’s creativity, is to chain one’s dreams.