Touching People’s Life One Day at a Time


Radhika Rai is a Soulpreneur, who has been working to enhance and improve her clients’ mental, emotional, and spiritual health for the past seven years. She believes the power of choice can change the way individuals deal with any stressors of their life and advocates the same to help people gain control of their lives. She has been the driving force in imparting hope, service, and help during the pandemic’s dark times through ‘Circle of Hope’. This is an online community through which Radhika Rai wishes to teach others about the importance of self-love, acceptance and resilience and all that leads people to experience wholeness of their existence.

In conversation with Storiyaan, she talks about her journey of being a transformational coach, mindfulness and meditation teacher and emotional well-being facilitator. She has managed to touch thousands of people through her heartful work, and her words are sure to touch you too.


Questions and answers

What led to the foundation of your career as a Soulpreneur?

A Soulpreneur soulful entrepreneur means that you are living out your soul’s purpose. It means that you are following a career path that perfectly aligns with and portrays your passion and purpose in life. It means that you have poured your heart and soul into what you do for a living. My journey of becoming a soulprenuer started when I was at rock bottom in 2013 and I started searching for meaning in life. That was the turning point of my life, and that was the time when I came across Buddhist philosophy. The Buddhist practice brought about the much needed healing in my life and opened a plethora of doors in the field of Alternative Healing and Personal Transformation. As my life improved, I decided to impart all that I had learned to the world.

How is the Circle of Hope designed to provide people with Hope and Positivity in life?

The Circle of Hope was born with just one intention, to spread hope, love and re-assurance in the times when humans needed it the most. This was a time when people needed some anchor for their mental and emotional in this lockdown. I hustled consistently to bring the best facilitators, teachers, mentors, from alternative healing and personal transformation industry to impart their knowledge, service and support. Circle of Hope has served more than thousands of people in the last 10 months with different and diverse objectives, and it is free and accessible to people at large.

What is the "power of choice" according to you?

Victor Frankly, a holocaust survivor, is someone who gave the world a revolutionary work in the form of his book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ gave an important lesson about the importance of choices. He said that there is a gap between a trigger and a response, and in that gap, we have the power of choice. And in that choice lies our freedom. Making a choice is synonymous with taking control of your life.

What got you interested in Energy Healing in the first place?

When I understood that human beings are actually four-dimensional, it changed my life. I realized we’re living a superficial life without any awareness of who we truly are. The moment we’re not aware, we’re not truly living. We need to understand that there is an absolute connection between our thoughts, words and actions. And this connection is the key to designing our destiny.

What led to the birth of your blog "Borrowed Identity.

Borrowed Identity was automatic writing for me, where I was guided to write. I have realized that very deeply, most of us, including me, we have lived in a borrowed identity at one point of time or the other. My writings majorly came from my awareness with doing so myself. As we grow, like sponges we are absorbing every thought, belief and response around us. Whoever we come across, we borrow some of their personality and add them to our own, making each one a Borrowed Identity.

What is the most memorable incident in your life as a self-help facilitator?

Facilitating children has always been close to my heart. In the summer vacation of 2018, I conducted a five-day workshop with children, called “Metamorphosis”. The revelation of how children opened up when given a platform to express themselves freely and fearlessly was a complete eye-opener for me.

What do you believe is the first step towards Transformation and Growth?

The first and foremost step to transformation is acknowledgement and awareness. We always need to understand the root cause of a matter. Peeling an onion is the best way to describe the same. That’s where the role of life coaches and healers come into the picture. They assist you in reaching the core.

You mentioned that your vision is "to leave the world better than how you inherited it". What are your long and short term strategies to turn this vision to reality?

In 2021, we’re coming up with an initiative way to spread mental, emotional and spiritual well-being on a global scale that will have a ripple effect on lives across globe. We’ve sown the seed of ideation, and started to work on it with Circle of Hope and other projects in the pipeline. As the saying goes that a journey of thousand miles starts with the first step. We have some really exciting workshops and programs in that direction. The vision is to make a global community
(both offline and online) of healing and transformation that serves billions of lives in years to come.