Rashi Chaddha: Fork The Colours

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Rashi Chaddha is an art and food blogger. She is the admin of the pages BeneathMySoul and FreeFlowFluid on Instagram, both pages of baked food and painting, respectively. As a painter, she has had a successful sold-out exhibition. Her delightful food art is available to order for home delivery too.

Team Storiyaan spoke with the passionate artist about her inspiration, journey and passion.


Questions and answers

What compelled you to take up graphic designing in the 1st place? What about the business prospect intrigued you?

Graphic design, I feel, is an extension of my persona, hence the choice, needless to say, it is the thing in the times to come, already, it’s extensively used by individuals and businesses groups. Also, there is a lot you can experiment with when it comes to graphic designing hence leading you to doors which hold excellent business prospects for now and later on.

Do you think working with your father you learned more than you could have with self-experience?

I have always looked up to my father because of the way he has moulded himself. He created a niche for himself in his field of expertise. There was no better person I could have learnt the prospects of business from. Of course, given his experience in years in running a successful business, he has guided me and made me understand that nothing comes easy. You need to work hard for it.

How did you discover your passion for the arts?

I remember as a child going to museums and art galleries with my grandmother. It always made me wonder how I could feel so much at peace and experience so much joy and happiness just by looking at these magnificent pieces of art. Since then, my childhood was all about my escapism and escapades to the world of Colors, which was the only thing I used to look forward to. After the long and tedious hours at school, this is the only time I found myself being most content and ecstatic, which eventually would transpire into something as meaningful as my creation. Colors have always brought out the best in me. They have befriended me in every way possible to create some magic on my canva.

Out of many forms of art, why did you choose fluid art? What does the artwork represent?

So I call it the magic form of art where you are just having fun with colours. But at the same time, you are creating beautiful artwork in the whole process. It’s an art form which lets you unleash your creativity and imagination which knows no bounds. To me, fluid art represents being free and diverse at the same time as the colours which flow in different directions, mixing to become one and eventually become this great piece of art. I feel Every colour has a story to tell, an emotion to depict. It’s just how you perceive it and then interpret it. Everyone has their versions of art.

How did you prepare for your exhibition at Country Club, Sainik Farm?

This was my first exhibition, where I had displayed all my artworks. I created them by putting In all my heart and soul. It all started with me firstly deciding the venue then getting all my paintings ready by getting them framed. Setting up at the venue, which was such a surreal experience. I only believed that I had successfully managed to exhibit my work once I had sold several paintings there. This kind of response gave me all the confidence I needed to take this passion of mine further.

Beneath my soul is all about baking. What is the relationship of baking with your soul, and what does it mean to you?

As a child, I always looked up to my mother for various reasons, but baking is the best of them all. She still had a way with everything she made, but it was exceptional when it came to desserts. It was like magic was being created with every dish. So to say with every bite, it would just transport me into this whole different world altogether. All of this has had a significant impact on me which eventually led to the birth of beneath my soul. To me, eating shouldn’t be just seen or done as a task but should be enjoyed and something which satisfies your soul.   

What goes on behind the scenes of being a food blogger?

A lot goes behind being a food blogger. There is a series of things which are crucial to creating the ultimate end product which your audience gets to see. It all starts with planning the content, then by clicking photographs where you have to keep in mind so many things. Starting with getting the right camera angle than the correct lighting, everything matters. Small details have to be looked at; one of the most critical aspects of this is the presentation of the final dish. How would it eventually look? Once the plating is done, will it be kept on a certain kind of platter or plate to enhance its look, making it look more captivating?

You have dealt with body shaming while growing up. How did you cope with it?

To be honest, while growing up like any other chubby girl, I experienced body shaming. But I never let that bog me down. Because I have always believed in one thing, which is that God has created every individual with his heart and soul, and everybody can’t be the same. We all have something different and unique to offer in our way to this world, by adding value to the society beginning firstly by being yourself unapologetically.

You are running two businesses and plan on starting another one. How do you balance them simultaneously? What are the challenges you face in the process?

I have always had an artistic bent of mind and tend to apply my out of the box thinking, even in my everyday life. So when I was thinking about what I could do, the answer was straightforward. The two things closest to my heart are food and art. That’s when free flow fluid and beneath my soul were conceived. I plan my content in such a way that I keep my pages up to date and engaging for my audience to keep their interest, love and support going. Sometimes there can be many challenges when things don’t go according to plans like an appliance getting bad or your artwork, not turning out as per your expectation. The smallest of obstacles can put you off. But if I feel these problems, then they should be looked at as challenges and should be taken head-on. Also When you enjoy doing what you do, the number of things don’t dilute your energy but multiply the zeal in every way possible.

How far have you reached in the process of building up your plus size brand?

Before starting any brand or any business venture, one needs to research all the factors which play a crucial role in the process of building a brand. Right now, we are at the very initial stages of the project. We are meticulously planning everything so that later on, there is no room for error when the time arrives for execution.

Are you planning on expanding your food and art business? If yes, in what ways?

I have many ideas in terms of how I want to expand my art and food page. I want to create a community where artists and home bakers can be a part of it and can share their knowledge and learn in the process. I want to make everyone around me believe that art and food are for all. One just needs to put one’s heart and mind to it, and the sky’s the limit.

Quick 5

1. The best thing you’ve baked until now : chocolate tart

2. What best describes you : someone who wants to learn new things along the way and eventually become a better version of themself.

3. Go to the best cafes in town or go for a street food marathon : go for a street food marathon

4. Favourite plus-size model : Ashley Graham

5. If you could paint with only one colour, what would it be : black