Rashmi Cherian – Nutrition in a Nutshell

Rashmi Cherian
Rashmi Cherian

Rashmi Cherian - Nutrition in a Nutshell

“Unlike most of the students, my way of choosing an ideal college course was different. I wanted to study all the subjects. From math to physics to biology and microbiology; everything. And luckily, I found a course that fulfilled all my requirements – The course to become a nutritionist!

Soon, what had started out as my curiosity to learn and know about everything, took shape. Amongst the plethora of subjects, I found one that I enjoyed the most – Fitness and diet for athletes. I further specialized in that subject and soon landed a corporate job!

I loved what I did. Going to bed every night knowing that I helped someone get their diet right was the best feeling. But, somewhere between keeping a track of everyone’s health around me, I lost track of my health. Someone who’d advise everyone about their meals, would forget to eat her meals. Eventually, things got so bad that I got admitted to the hospital.

That was alarming. It was hard, but for the sake of my health I had to quit my job. I took some time off and then the idea, ‘why don’t I start something of my own’ struck my mind! Coming from a missionary background, neither did I and nor did my family have any idea about running businesses.

However, I decided to take the leap of faith. To my surprise, the income I made in the first month itself was 10 times more than my previous job. I got to work with some renowed celebrities and actors such as Sudeep Kichha. And most importantly, alongside my patients, I now had time to take care of my health too.

It’s been several years since I made that decision and there has been no looking back ever since. From guiding my clients, to conducting seminars, to handling 500 organization’s to handling 2000+ athletes, and to winning the National Health Award this profession has given me a lot.

But, the best one of them all is when an athlete of mine, calls me first even before their family, to share the good news about their win. I’ve been guiding them since they were kids and watching them all grown up and winning medals is a win for me indeed.”