Rishina-From a mother to a blogger


Rishina-From a mother to a blogger-overcoming the perils of postpartum depression

Rishina says, “Recently, I gave birth to a baby boy who is eleven months old. By profession, I’m a company secretary.

Blogging has been a breath-taking journey amidst the monotony of life. I’m an avid traveler and I set out on a journey around the world after marriage. Soon after that, I gave birth. Initially, I didn’t plan to put myself out there for the world to view my journey.

I also suffered from a wave of postpartum depression and I could not get out of the pause. There were times when I wanted to move further in life and be a part of new experiences. I’m grateful for my husband, who supported my decision to work and kept pushing me to build a career. He made me realize that I was beyond parenthood. I was also encouraged to explore myself and find new interests in life. That was when came up with the idea of blogging.

I’m new to blogging and have collaborated with a few brands. I’ve also participated in Giveaways that were sponsored by different brands. As I’m choosy when it comes to collaboration, I wanted to be sensible during this lockdown. I kept searching and came across a handful of brands that were seeking micro-bloggers. It was a tough one as there’s minimal reach for micro blogging. Some of the brands I’ve worked with are Shumee, Sparsh, Nannhe, and Bobo Soft.

I always wanted to tell my story to the world and help the ones who are going through the blues in life.

Therefore, started my page, and I kept sharing. achieved a milestone in my life as I took challenges.

I feel everyone should be up for it as it is an incomparable experience that comes with no regrets.

I’m excited about being a first-time mother and learning new things in life every day. Blogging isn’t an easy job as it seems to be. It has its own low and high tides. At times, people are mean to you and don’t see the hard work you put into building it. We, as bloggers, put up our personal lives and expect people to learn from our experience. But I have learned to take the positive bits and let go of the negative parts in life.

Also, when you have a cute toddler holding on to your ring finger tightly in his little palm to tell you untold stories in the midst of your stressful days, life does get beautiful!”