Riya Srivastava: A journey with intuition

Riya Shrivastava

“You always have solutions you’re looking for. Just be committed to change and healing, and a solution door would open for you,” says Riya.

Riya Srivastava is a tarot reader and energy healer who uses divine guidance and her intuitive energies to heal countless individuals. Being a young reader there have been moments where her clients were skeptical of her readings but gradually, she succumbed to earning their trust and building goodwill for her in the field. 

Riya has been meditating since she was a child. With time, her meditation enriched and she started feeling other people’s emotions.  As she learned more about herself, her curiosity to read and understand tarot cards enhanced. Riya has always been close to sacred beliefs which eventually led her on the path of healing people. She started creating her tarot cards and even learned them by herself. With continuous practice, meditation, and reading, she gradually became intuitive. Receiving arbitrary visions never happened to her but after starting reading tarot cards, she also began to get intuitive messages. 

Since then, she could feel everyone and everything around her. Although she was relishing exploring her new flanks, it also distressed her as sometimes she could hear voices out of nowhere and she channeled various people unknowingly. Sometimes, it deterred her from going to chaotic places. It took her some time to learn to control who she is channeling and her emotions. And no one evolves without the right guidance. Riya took the help of a psychic reader who had later started tricking her but being a psychic herself, she naturally flowed out of it. 

When Riya realized her psychic abilities, her urge to do reading for others increased. And Instagram was the best platform to reach out to people, thus, she started posting and approaching people on Instagram.

Initially, she didn’t know how to market herself, connect with people or take tarot sessions. As time passed, everything aligned in her favor. Indeed, all of them were accurate which bolstered her confidence and there she set out on her journey of becoming a psychic and a tarot reader. She has been doing tarot readings for 2 years now. Along with being a student, Riya supports her family financially as well. She firmly believes in, don’t rush, obtaining the right knowledge, and become one’s guide! You can seek all your solutions if you’re willing to change and heal, otherwise, the world is loud and dead anyway!

If you have been going through something that’s putting you off or draining you, that’s an indication that you require spiritual guidance. A session with Riya can help you in understanding your thoughts and emotions and processing your gut feeling in a way that changes your life for the good. 

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