Life is a rollercoaster ride, and we all experience ups and downs. A shared laugh is the best way to relieve stress and anger. We instantly feel lighter and happier whenever we come across any humorous content. Rohit Srivastava, a content writer, creator, and founder of Dominant Planet Media, is one such individual who believes in laughing your way out of stressful situations and creates videos on the same!

After completing B-Tech in civil engineering, Rohit started working on creating stories and videos different from the ones in trend. His love for stories, movies with heartbreaks, tough times, and changing technology inspired him to write stories, mostly funny ones because “Life is already hard and we have the responsibility to make it easy and funny”.

For the same reason, he founded Dominant Planet Media, to engage with people who can portray their funny side with a twist! If your brand wants to reach a larger audience, the platform will help you in creating content too!




Questions and answers

Can you tell us about your transition from being a shy guy to founding a media company and facing the camera?

My mother used to do plays and local TV shows. Through her, I got the opportunity to act in plays as a child artist but still, I was a shy guy. Confidence came late to me when I started facing my fears, I always felt I have a different calling. I protected my dreams and creativity till then. It takes courage and a lot of sacrifices to follow your heart. Hardships and heartbreak in life inspired me to write my own stories and eventually led to Dominant Planet Media.

You mentioned that in school, you felt like you didn’t fit in. Can you tell us about some of the major issues that you had to deal with during this phase?

I had a creative brain and at school, scoring good marks in academics makes you a good student. That gave me anxiety and lowered my confidence. I was also very shy and not able to express myself. Top scorers were treated uniquely even at home, but I always believed in myself and that I will make it big in life.

“It’s our responsibility to make life funny and easy”—that has been your mantra all along. How did you manage to stick to it when things got really tough?

I am a very optimistic and positive person. So whenever hurdles come in my way, instead of running from them, I try to stay calm and think that nothing around us is easy and the tough phase shall pass too. Facing it will make me stronger and being negative will gain me nothing.

What are some of the key features that make Dominant Planet Media stand out as a media brand in the entertainment industry?

Dominant Planet Media is a media brand for everyone who lives on this dominant planet of the solar system. We don’t charge anything from people who want to be a part of our brand/contests. In the next 5-10 years, everything will be more digital than what it is today, so Dominant Planet Media will be the modern era digital platform.

What made you decide on holding an online contest to strain out real talent among interested folks?

To be everyone’s media brand, I wanted an idea to engage with the public and what would be in there for them. The online contest was that “cool” idea where every talented and confident creator or artist can participate and showcase their talent while sitting at home. Even if they are shy, they can simply win by sitting behind their screens, which will boost their confidence!

What would be a piece of advice that you have gained through practical experience for youngsters trying to get their break in the entertainment industry?

“Stay rough and relentlessly do your stuff” is something I stand by. Stay consistent and follow your passion, in spite of failures and ups and downs. Don’t lose hope and always believe in yourself. Have faith in your dreams and don’t let anyone talk you out of chasing your goals and dreams.


If you wish to get in touch with Rohit or partner with Dominant Planet Media, get in touch with his Instagram linked to this feature .