Ruchi Shah: Art Is Happiness


Art is Happiness:Ruchi Shah

I am Ruchi Shah from Indore, and I am an Interior designer and an Artist. I had an immense interest in Arts since I was small. I used to spend my summer vacations doing canvas painting and oil paintings. You can cliquez ici to learn more about the tools I use.

Currently, I work as a freelance interior designer and as a professor in college. I take lectures for 6 to 8 hours, after which I have my site visits. The lockdown gave me some free time to work on something that interests me eventually. I created my brand on Instagram by the name @artzyruchi, and in a few days, which is a decouopage art page. Within a few days orders started flooding in. My husband suggested my page’s name -ArtzyRuchi, as I am an artist, and people should know about the artist in me.

I work as an interior designer and then take lectures online in the day. I take art workshops at my place during weekends. It is only during the weekends I get to work on my art and enhance it. I practice decoupage art. It is a modern adaptation of creative art, including assembling, pasting, and vanishing paper cut outs to decorate objects from simple designs to more complex artworks.

I was going through a rough patch some-time ago and had become frustrated. Taking time out from my hectic schedule for my art was becoming difficult. On the other hand, the orders had to be delivered. I was working single-handedly, and it required a lot of time and effort. I had decided not to take this further. I was utterly confused and had decided to make peace by giving up art.

The other day when I glared at all the art pieces that I had created. I smiled, and I said to myself, “This makes me happy, and I want to do this.” I had my answer.

My husband has supported me through every step and it is all because of him that I am running strong and have learned to push my boundaries.

All I want to say through my story is if you ever get demotivated while pursuing your interest and think of giving up, do have a look at how long you have come, and I am sure you too will understand that you have a long way to go.