Saday – Paring the Social Gap



Saday – Paring the Social Gap

“During the lockdown last year, I came across a family who were trying to attempt suicide. ‘Corona se pehle toh berojgari aur bhook maar degi hume’ said the father. And it wasn’t the plight of one such family but many. So, we started Saday.

Initially we’d distribute free ration. As we reticulated, we were able to open Saday’s Home Kitchen and provide freshly cooked meals. Starting from 100 people we were able to serve 10,000 by the end.

But as the lockdown was lifted, we realized ‘there are still a lot of problems that remain unsolved. There were still a lot of issues like unemployment, sanitary hygiene, mental health that needed advocacy. So, we started collating forces to fight being unfairly discharged from a job and similar employment disputes.

Be it going to the Gurukul and educating young girls about periods. Or gifting a new tailoring machine to the master Ji who lost his job; we were adamant to make a change. The masterji was so happy, ‘I shall try to serve Saday until my last breath,’ he said. He stitches masks for our volunteers and distribution drives to date!

Even during the My Pad My Pride campaign, we had the opportunity to visit some refugee camps in Jahangir Puri. While distributing the reusable pads, a woman came to me and said ‘Aaj aapne meri soch badal di’. And it’s moments like these that give me sukoon at the end of the day.

There has always been a gap between the privileged and underprivileged. But, in the past 1 year, that chasm has been wider than ever before. With the lockdown being imposed once again; for the impoverished – It’s no longer a fight against hunger but a fight against vagrancy.

So, if you are privileged enough to read this post while you’re at home, I would urge you to stay helpful in tough times like these. Even if you decided to dedicate an hour of your day towards a cause, trust me it could save lives”


Saday has been taking various initiatives to make these tough times easier for the poor. Link for donations is as follows:

_Saday Charitable Trust_

_Account number: 732005000147_



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