Punch of Passion: Sadiya Saiyad


Punch of Passion: Sadiya Saiyad

Having worked as a legal analyst in several companies and being passionate about having my own business, I have always wanted to do something different. Maahru, a home-grown brand, was created as a result of my knack for clothes and natural fabrics like silk and cotton. I realized the potential of the local market and collaborated with local tailors and fashion designers to create unique designs with the fabrics that I bought from the market.

Maahru aims at customer preference as they can customize the clothes – it is both made to size and made to order. I also intend to expand to other products, and a few of them that I am currently working on are scrunchies, headbands, and also night dresses. Our summer collection is about to be launched very soon. After the conception, executing the idea was a big challenge as I did not know what platform to use to sell my products.  Not having enough followers on Instagram, I launched my own brand website on 10th November and tied up with other e-commerce websites. Employing the proper human resources was also a bump I had to overcome. Due to the pandemic and the lockdown, I quit my job and was planning to look for something else to do when I realized “isse better time nahi milega” to work on what I have always wanted to do – starting my own business.

Right now, I work with two designers, a few tailors, one photographer, and one model. I hope to hire more designers, marketing people, and a social media manager to provide me with full-time assistance. My parents – my pillars of support, my husband, all have been very supportive of me and have always had faith in my dreams, even when my choice involved a career gap risk. I remain engaged 24/7, brainstorming new ideas, taking down notes, and working on new projects. After a myriad of experiences, I can say, mirroring the teachings of Paulo Coelho, “When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” Just work hard and believe in yourself!