Sahdev Dirdo “Bachpan ka pyaar” met with an accident

Sahdev Dirdo

Sahdev Dirdo “Bachpan ka pyaar” met with an accident

Sahdev Dirdo, the boy whose video went viral this year singing “Bachpan ka pyaar”, met with an unfortunate accident yesterday on 28th December.

“Bachpan ka pyaar” boy Sahdev was riding pillion with his father when their bike skidded and went off road in the Sukma district of Chattisgarh.

It is reported that Sahdev was not wearing a helmet and had suffered serious brain injury.

Sahdev Dirdo was rushed to the local district hospital. After receiving first aid, Sahdev was moved from Sukma District Hospital to Medical College in Jagdalpur.

He was unconscious for about 5 hours before his treatment began in the medical college.

While admitted at the Medical College hospital Sahdev was visited by the collector of Sukma district Vineet Nandanwar.

CM Bhupesh Baghel

Chattisgrah’s Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has also instructed Nandanwar to provide the child with the best medical facility and aid wherever possible and needed.

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghelhad felicitated Sahdev Dirdo recently and shared a post.

In the post on social media, meanwhile, Bhupesh Baghel shared a short video wherein he was seen with SahdevDirdo. Bhupesh Baghel encouraged the boy and asked him to sing Bachpan Ka Pyaar after congratulating him.

Sahdev, of course, obliged.

The hand of help was not only extended by the Chhattisgarh Chief Minister, but also by famous Bollywood rapper Badshah, who had recently released a newer version of the song “Bachpan ka pyaar” alongwith SahdevDirdo.

Badshah’s support

The rapper informed his fans through twitter that he was in touch with the family of Sahdev and that Sahdev is currently unconscious. He further asked his fans to pray for the recovery of the kid.

“In touch with Sahdev’s family and friends. He is unconscious, on his way to hospital. I’m there for him. Need your prayers 🙏”- read the tweet by Badshah.

Badhshah later made another tweet to inform everyone that Sahdev is out of danger and has regained consciousness.

“Sahdev is better now and has regained consciousness. Will go to Raipur to see a good neurosurgeon. Thank you for your prayers (sic),” Badshah tweeted.

Out of danger

According to latest reports, fan favourite Bachpan ka pyaar boy Sahdev is out of danger now and has regained consciousness at around 10pm on Tuesday.

A doctor of Jagdalpur Medical College, Tiku Sinha, confirmed that Sahdev is out of danger and added that the little boy is now talking to everyone. CT Scan and other tests have also been conducted. Sahdev is currently under 12-hour observation.

Bachpan ka pyaar boy”

Sahdev Dirdo became a household name when his video of Bachpan ka pyaar went viral. In the video, Sahdev could be seen wearing a school uniform and cutely singing the song “Bachpan Ka pyaar”.

Interestingly, the song went viral after Sahdev sung it. However, not many know that the song was originally composed and sung by Kamlesh Barot. He had released the song 2 years ago.

But sadly, the singer got no recognition for the song.

Kamlesh Barot

Kamlesh Barot is a small towner who hails from Halol city, Gujarat. He told in old an interview that he didn’t even know about the popularity of the song until a friend informed him about it. He hopes for as much support as lent to Sahdev.

Speaking about the song, he said he got the music from an Adivasi song. Having watched Hindi and Gujarati films about childhood love stories, he got the idea for the lyrics.

He kept the lyrics in Hindi so that the song reaches a mass audience. The song, he says, got popular in Gujarat back then.

Kamlesh Barot also said he has been singing for the past 20 years and has done several live shows.