5 Min Bit With Sapna Kapoor

Sapna Kapoor

Sapna Kapoor is the Diamond Director at Oriflame and a working mother who believes “If there is a will, there is a way.” Starting her journey as a teacher in DPS to becoming a mompreneur, Sapna Kapoor strongly believes that financial freedom for women is a means to empower them. Sapna Kapoor in a talk with Storiyaan shares her journey of becoming a woman entrepreneur to winning the Top 15 Fastest Growing Leader award from Oriflame.
Talking about team spirit and community, she says, “More than your targets, always focus on how you can benefit the community at large.” Read the feature to know how Sapna Kapoor has been laying the groundwork for empowering women in her capacity.

Sapna Kapoor


Questions and answers

Can you tell us how is it working at Oriflame and what it is about Oriflame that interests you the most?

If I say that my working experience at Oriflame is amazing, it would be an understatement because it is way beyond that. They provide us with lovely products and at the same time pamper us with love and care. To sum it all up, Oriflame is a family-oriented company that provides us with the warmth and affection of a family, making it one of the best work-family. This is what interests me the most about working at Oriflame.

Talk to us about your journey of becoming a mompreneur?

I joined Oriflame when my child was two. Before working at Oriflame, I worked as a teacher, and being a mother of a toddler got me invested more at home, and I couldn’t multitask or stay outside for work. So I opted for this as this provided me with a lot of free time between shifts to look after my children. This solved my problem and helped me take care of everything, and that is how my journey as a mompreneur began.

You were awarded by Oriflame India as one of the Top 15 Fastest Growing Leaders in Delhi. How did you achieve the feat, and what was your first reaction when you were awarded?

My major focus was building and growing my team, wherein I inspired more people to take this up. When I was working in Oriflame, I devoted myself to every facet and guided them while keeping my target in focus. This helped me to become the Top 15 Fastest Growing Leaders in Delhi. I was thrilled when I received the award as it was something I had not expected.

From where did you derive the motivation to start your campaign "Financial freedom for Women."

When I realized that I could earn from Oriflame and reach a mass level, I thought of this as a means by which women can earn for themselves and be empowered. I wanted them to be financially independent at the same time can look after their household. I wanted the campaign to become a breakthrough by helping women to realize their worth.

What are some Oriflame products that a woman must have and why?

Our health standards of Oriflame have every product a woman must have, starting from skincare to cosmetics. According to your skin and body type, you must visit the site and choose from a wide range of products.

Being an entrepreneur and director, what is a lesson you have learned the hard way and want to pass on to our audiences?

We, at times, tend to focus more on our targets, and I feel we should focus more on team targets which helps in the growth of the larger community. Instead of only thinking about our profits, if we think about the bigger perspective, it would help us gain greater self-satisfaction, and that is the only message I want to pass on to the audiences.