Saranya Ganguly

If you were to close your eyes and imagine yourself in a quiet and peaceful place, we are sure many would sleep right away! However, people like Saranya would undoubtedly transport themselves into a room full of sketches, paints, and palettes. For them, it is their happy place. “Distraction from reality is a privilege not everyone can afford, especially in the whirlwind of a time we are in” expresses, Saranya Ganguly, an artist, content writer, and editor, who feels art has helped her cope with mental stress and provided her relief and comfort.

An MA in English, Saranya’s journey did not have a sharp start. Though she had a knack for sketching and drawing, she slowly detached herself from her hobby. It is during the lockdown in 2020, she re-discovered her long-lost love and decided to turn it into a business. She is also a catalog executive of Though she started late, but as they say, better late than never! In this interview with Storiyaan, she shares with us her journey as an artist and how resuming her old hobby delivered a sense of selfhood.

Saranya Ganguly



Questions and answers

What significance does the word ‘art’ hold for you and how does art help shape society?

Art can be a reflection of who you are and who you aspire to be. Art to me is a way of life, an extension of my being. It keeps my head on my shoulders as it evokes a variety of emotions and I feel, it is what defines me.

You mentioned that art helped you cope with your mental health issues. Can you relate to us the incidents that took place during that period?

 I have suffered from insomnia and anxiety issues for almost a decade. Towards the middle of 2018, I resumed sketching, painting and tried my hands at mandalas and zentagles too. Practicing art had a calming effect at the beginning and after a while, especially after the lockdown, I understood this is something that helps me focus, de-stress, and revives positive energy in me.

You have invested yourself a lot in mandala art. What is about this art form that has made it so popular these days?

Creating a mandala needs attention, it separates you from everything else at that moment. When we are overloaded with anxiety, drawing mandala brings along a momentary escape and a pleasant detachment. Even after ages, the art form retains its meditative quality. Besides, one doesn’t have to be an expert in fine arts to create a mandala, so a lot of people can participate in this. I personally think these are the two major reasons behind the revival of this art form.

How long does it typically take for you to finish a piece

lt depends on which form I am taking up. Fluid art takes the least time but if it’s a sketch or charcoal or clay, then it may take days.

You mentioned that the idea of having a mini business came out of the sheer zeal of keeping your peace of mind. What were the major struggles of establishing this setup?

You can call me a “Newbie” as I am still on my way to setting the business up and the major setback for me is networking and reaching out to people beyond my circle and identifying potential customers. Of course, I am working on it and will grow my small business into a large one soon!

What are some of the art forms that you refrain from unless it is necessary and why?

There’s no art form that I refrain from as such, rather, I am on my way to exploring different art forms and understanding my creative skillset throughout the way. I want to expand my horizons and try experimenting with different art forms.

What are some of your services when it comes customization and personalized art?

My business as of now completely runs on customized designs only. For each product I usually go through a conversation at length and figure out what exactly the customer is looking for and then proceed towards working on it. I am also keen to understand the pros and cons of designed thinking in small scale business along with this.

How has your art evolved over time and what are some of the new techniques that you have emulated from digital influence?

 I am yet to try my hands there but from what I have observed, digital art and digitization of Art has actually brought the whole thing to the forefront of our lives. We owe it to the digital influence market to make art relevant in our everyday life and to change the vague projection of the perception that art is useless.

What strategy do you follow when it comes to setting a price for your art pieces?

 I cover the material and shipping cost and then the rest depends on the design and how fast I need to deliver. It is these four things based on which I set the price as of now.

Quick 5

1. Acrylic or oil paint? Acrylic

2. Landscapes or Portraits? Both

3. One contemporary artist you admire the most: Cecily Brown and Subodh Gupta

4.The era that you admire the most when it comes to art and literature 

The Era of Impressionism, although one cannot strictly bind art in time.

5. What are you currently reading? Ikigai