Seema Saxena: The Voice of Heart

Seema Saxena

The voice of heart: Seema Saxena

I am a science graduate and a post-graduate in English Literature. I have always been a pretty careerist woman. After my marriage, I came to Delhi to settle with my family. I was needed much at home, thus to look after my in-laws, I had to quit my corporate job. Amidst taking care of the family, my husband and I neglected the idea of having kids, and by the time we started thinking about children, it was too late for us. Even after trying many treatments and rituals, it all added that the societal and family pressure eventually made me depressed.

My husband helped me to overcome my depression. He diverted my mind towards my hobby of reading. I started reading books, and being a passionate reader, ‘behind the story scenes’ always fascinated me. I went to book launches, ‘meet and greets with authors’, where I could learn and hear the author’s story. I eventually overcame my depression. While attending these meets, I realized that there was a lot of difference in the promotional launch of a famous author’s book and a newcomer. This fact inspired me to start my promotional agency, where I can also promote books of authors who have just stepped in writing. My teammates include those people who are passionate and in need of work.”

‘Jashn Events’ has now become a big platform. We started with the book launching initially offline, but then we also expanded ourselves to online social media platforms, media PR, all of which help us in publishing and book distribution too. We have budget-friendly accommodations for various ranks of authors, and we also plan marketing strategies for them.

Books have become an essential part of my life, and it has enabled me to move away from my past. I even try to convey to people that marriage and having kids is not the ultimate goal in life. There is more to experience, more to dream, and more to learn. In the end, I have learned to value the voice of my heart.