5 Min Bit With Shama Vazid


“Make your clothes and make-up all about your personality”, says Shama Vazid. A lifestyle and beauty influencer, Shama found her true calling and decided to delve into the deep and magnificent world of fashion and make-up.

In her latest interview with Storiyaan, Shama tells us about how much significance fashion holds in her in life and that make-up is not about hiding your features but about enhancing them and showcasing your true and wonderful self to the world with confidence.


Questions and answers

What was it about make-up that appealed to you in the first place?

I believe that makeup can be perceived positively and that it doesn’t change the way you look but only enhances and beautifies the existing features of a countenance. So, makeup only sharpens your features. Make-up really made me and I believe it’s the hours I spent behind this is what made me into who I am.

What significance does the term ‘fashion’ hold for you?

I think it’s about being comfortable and accepting the way you look and what goes best with you and your personality. For me, make-up is to involve yourself in enhancing your beauty and presentation.

What was the stumbling block that began your journey towards fashion consciousness?

A couple of months back when we were in lockdown, I decided to organize my closet and there were so many clothes that didn’t fit me. That’s when it hit me that I could make something unique and fashionable out of my unused clothes. I started exploring with that.

According to you, how has fashion PR changed in recent years?

I think it has changed widely, from a communication perspective and opening up new opportunities to connecting with the brands. Earlier not everyone was accepted and people were not broad in accepting influencers. It is not a matter now and influencers are being accepted as they have good engagement, and it reflects on the brand value. That’s how it has changed so much.

What are the criteria that you look for before selecting the brands you work with?

I mostly work with local brands bur that’s not my primary criterion. I go for genuine brands and their standard of quality is what matters to me. The capability in the deliverance of their promises is another very important aspect. These are the criteria I look for.

What was the chicest fashion statement of 2020 that you sported and what attracted you the most about it?

I don’t go out much, I pretty much stay indoors. So, the times I go out, I really like sporting baggy jeans with different tops. I think it’s very chic and comfortable, it is also versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down.

How do you ensure that your audience is receptive to sponsored content?

I try to keep a balance between my creative content and sponsored content. Thinking of how well it is received, I work with brands and I try to make it convenient for followers, and till now the response I’ve received is great. I always think about how it’s going to benefit my followers and put an impact as well.