Sheetal Nair-Prospect of a Right Choice

The Prospect of a Right Choice-Sheetal Nair

Even I was haunted by the dilemma of a career choice once.

I hail from a small town of Vadodara in Gujarat, where career counseling wasn’t heeded with prominence. Being a bright student, choosing science was inevitable. But I couldn’t score well in the medical entrance exam, which left me a bit shattered. Following the craze of IT, I wanted to take up computer science, only to learn that coding was Greek to me. Blind to what I’ll do in life, my father made me consult a renowned psychologist in Vadodara, who made me realize that I was good at managing people. That spun me positively, and I cleared the entrance for Symbiosis. Fast forward a few years, I have an HR degree and have worked with Toyota & United Nations. To earn the word ‘Dr’ before my name, I decided to do a Ph.D, which made me realize that a massive chunk of my time will be invested in researching, so I joined my Dad’s business, his company was engaged in providing  Security services.

Everything has the potential for a trained eye and diligence to push it .Initially we had 850+ employees, but now there are 6,500 people working under us across the country. The business boomed as we currently have five sister companies. We even opened four cafe joints across Vadodara. After this, I pursued corporate law from IIM Calcutta, with which I helped startups metamorphosis from nothing to something. My quench for knowledge makes me complete one degree or course every year, anything that spikes me.

The next stop was completing Comprehensive Learning and Teaching from Harvard University to ultimately also become a trained Psychotherapist from John Hopkins University. Hitting all these milestones were great, but the ambition to give something back to society was even raging. So I wrote the book “The Midas Touch – 99 Pages to Acquire the Art of Alchemy & Forge Champions,” which clambered up to be Amazon’s bestseller and caught the eye of many universities who reached out to include it in their syllabus for leadership programs.I believe that how we are and how we feel now is not definite. It can be worked upon, improved, and there is always a hope for change.You’re much more than the mask of a bone of flesh you choose to wear. You may be vulnerable to the bullets of cruel fate. But you have a mind which conjures ideas and ideas are bulletproof.