Shilpa Bhatia- From Books to Beads

Shilpa Bhatia- From Books to Beads

Imagine buying gorgeous beads-bracelets from your favorite teacher! Shilpa Bhatia, an academic turned entrepreneur, has opted to transition from being a service provider to becoming her own master. With her self-curated brand Faboorja, she’s beading happiness together and spreading it, so before you run out of happiness, why not grab some?


With 18 years of experience in teaching and administration, Shilpa is the closest to today’s youth, knowing and understanding their likes and desires outside of books. So, her brand provides beads fashion customized jewelry to match the present-day trend of being unique. Besides her own brand, she co-owns the IT company Guruji Technologies. Making the most of her time, she writes blog posts, teaches underprivileged students, and is also a passionate wildlife photographer.


With Storiyaan, read more about the adventures of her life, leaping from books to art to craft and camera.

Shilpa Bhatia

Shilpa Bhatia- From Books to Beads


Questions and answers

When was the time you realized your niche in entrepreneurship and what was your first move?

So, I’m an academic turned entrepreneur. After 18 years as a teacher, I chose to be on the other side of the chair—a commander. Working as a Principal was a change for me, and I relished taking on the leadership role, which eventually became deeply ingrained in me. My own brand, Faboorja, which I founded in 2021, supports a sustainable lifestyle and aims to provide handcrafted jewelry and accessories in a personalized and cost-effective manner.

What is Faboorja about and what was your main motive behind starting this sustainable fashion brand?

Through Faboorja we are not just building a brand but a community. It is about empowering women and families both backstage and in front. I feel fashion has to be and like love, it should be forever. Through our brand, we promote using our products in multiple ways and multiple times.

Are the products available Pan-India and if so, what are the ways our readers can reach out to you for seeking this service?

Yes, we ship PAN India. We have clients from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab so far. We look forward to spreading the love and charm of faboorja to more cities and having a larger #faboorjafamily.

As an educator and having experience of over 18 years, what do you think about the relationship a student and teacher should hold and how to work upon those?

A relationship between a teacher and a student is unlike any other in the world. Students have outwitted technology in today’s post-covid era. Teachers will need to buckle up and stay updated. They will also need to vary their teaching methods to keep the engagement quotient high.

Share with us any rough phase of your life that you have overturned with your own will and courage.

The switch from educator to blogging was a real challenge as it gives you fame but not much money. Starting my business was even tougher yet I found the path interesting. It is afresh every day. New Designs-New Shoot. Clients’ love and demands for more design have kept me busy and afloat.

What do you consider one of the proudest milestones in your life and why?

My proudest milestone – The time I went to The United States as a Maths Teacher.

The best part was that it happened to me at the time I had given up all hopes in my life.

You write about numerous people who lead an inspirational life. Share with us one story that can really inspire our readers.

Every story inspires me. I find inspiration in all of them. You can go to my website and you will find out why.

Since you have worked as an educator in both India and abroad, what according to you are some of the major differences in the educational policies that our country can work on?

India being a country of traditions and cultures is no less than any other country. The only thing I feel is that subjects should be taught in a practical and vocational way. Also, I don’t see any need to buy a fresh book set every year as the library can keep a book per student which can be repeated every year. At least, we can do it with language and math books. Saving paper and money, time and energy!

Being the co-owner of the IT company Guruji Technologies, what are some of the mentionable criteria required for someone to get hired in the company?

Guruji Technologies is a company with a vision of providing excellent products and services in IT to its esteemed clients. We look forward to having a trained team of engineers and expert sales staff.

Since you also have a niche in wildlife photography, what would be some of your tips to those who are trying to dip their feet in this field.

Every wildlife photographer strives to capture the beauty of nature and its elements. Some of them try to deceive or manipulate photos to get remarkable results, which is heartbreaking. Let the wings fly their best flight!

Rapid Fire

1.The mantra you follow in life- Follow your instincts

2.Your favourite book- “ The Mind” / “Who will cry when you die” by Robin Sharma

3.Your go-to place – The Coral Tree Homestay, Agra

4.The person whom you look up to the most– The ATM power- My husband!

5.Your biggest pet peeve is – Lack of commitment and compassion.

If you wish to follow in the footsteps of Shilpa Bhatia and know more about her journey, you can connect with her on the Instagram linked to this feature.