A little Love with Shilpa Sogani

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Shilpa Sogani is a dynamic faceted woman, a mother and a businesswoman who has brought a one-stop solution to our gifting problems by putting together her ideas along with her mother in law Ritu Sogani. Little Love by Shilpa is a gifting platform designed specifically for expecting mothers. One can find them on Amazon.
For people who want to gift something that has efforts and care, Little Love has brought an attractive solution to your apprehensions. Here’s a story from the woman herself that she shares with Storiyaan about how she flourished through her dreams with her creativity.

A little Love with Shilpa Sogani


Questions and answers

There is a common misconception that mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law are always at loggerheads with each other. However, a mother-in-law – daughter-in-law duo has founded the company. How has it been working together?

Working with my mother in law has been a blessing to me you as we get to spend a lot of time together. She had been the biggest supporter and a high spirited cheerleader with such a plethora of creative ideas. She is an absolute all-rounder which inspires me a lot.Despite our riffs sometimes, she is very understanding, which makes our working coordination great.

What was the process of getting the business on its feet?

I always had a vision for setting things straight to achieve what I want to. I don’t settle for anything that will only suffice. I was very serious about channelizing my focus into various ideas with Little Love. I started with short term finance initially. I took a lot of meagre steps that have brought up something big, and it’s growing.

What is the one occasion whose theme decor you are extremely proud of, and can you describe it in detail?

I had to make decor on the theme time fly décor, and I had to decorate it for a newborn baby. I was so satisfied with my work on that particular occasion because I put the best of me in it. My mother in law and I put in a lot of effort, and the fruits of it were great. Everyone loved the decor, and I had this realization that I can do it the right way.

.You have an Instagram post for every occasion, how stressful is it to manage social media, the business, your family and also conceptualize new products at the same time?

Initially, I didn’t know anything about account management so I would ask for help from my sister in law. For one month, I was puzzled beyond my mind, so I hired a content writer because it was getting tiring for me to understand the technicalities of profile management and content writing. Managing work and being a baby’s mother requires constancy at a whole another level.

Can you tell us something about the baby boards you sell?

Baby boards come in different sizes and lengths, so I customize as per the requirements of the customers. There are birthday themes, welcoming themes, some people pitch in their ideas, colour schemes, themes, and that is how we have to get it worked out.

Being a mother yourself, what are some of the products you knew you had to provide for expecting mothers?

When the different hampers come to me for Moms-to-be, I always put in kinds of stuff that will pamper the mother, like a set of oils for skin, feeding gowns, feeding pillows, so that the requirements of mothers-to-be can be put together in the hamper which will be of use to them. Even photo frames for newly born babies along with chocolates and dry fruits for the midnight cravings are the products I customize myself.

What is the behind the scenes of the process of putting together a special hamper?

Firstly, there’s this budgetary plan of the hamper. Then comes the requirements of a tray, or a basket, or a box, these are the things we decide first. Then I shortlist the colour schemes or the provided schemes that are available. I also look for customer preference, what they want, how they want it, the suitability of the budget and the availability of things is what I cross-check.