The Story of Kerumoni Queen


The Story of Kerumoni Queen

Fashion had always been something I looked up to, and it was my dream ever since I was a child. The beacon I lit was named ‘Kharika jai.’ It is a jewelry based company from my homeland of Assam, which provides handmade silver ornaments.

Like most of us, I was one of those students who had to return to her home because of Covid-19. I had just finished my bachelor’s in sociology but had to put a hold on my Master’s degree. It was at my place that this idea got to me. My mother suggested Assamese jewelry designs, as they were very old and traditional; some even went back to centuries. I visited my grandmother and got to look at some of her silverware. It was dazzling but what was more fascinating about these was that they had a unique design, which I had never seen in other pieces of jewelry.

It was then I decided that the world needed to see these little trinkets, and I wanted to play a part in this. Initially, I started to make a few samples at home. I learned techniques like cutting, curving, and bending, which are used to craft these items. I did have a few nights where I just tossed and turn because of dilemmas and doubts. But I believed in lighting up that beacon, which I had always wanted to, so I just went with it.

I sort help from the local craftsmen of Nagaon who were known for their trade. Each craftsman has its designs and limitations, so I hired a couple of them to bring about diversity in my products. I started with a few products and set up my shop on Instagram. I also followed the traditional Assamese culture of keeping all of my products in silver.

Although I have plans for expansion, I do not plan to mass-produce these things as I believe that the handmade items are more special and personal to the people. By doing this, I can also expose Assamese culture and tradition to the world, which brings me tremendous joy.

Creativity is not something we can study, as there are no algorithms for human imagination, creativity, and love. All you have is a piece of paper and your thoughts, so make sure you do something incredible on that paper. Scribble away.