Shivanshi Bhutani :The World of Healers


Having committed herself to a path of helping others, the award-winning and certified tarot, card reader, healer and spell-caster, Shivanshi Bhutani, has accomplished the role of a guide when it comes to unlocking the true potential hidden inside individuals to create for themselves the lives they deserve.

Being certified and trained in 20+ reading and healing modalities – a few of them being tarot, oracle, angel and Lenormand card reading – this spiritual virtuoso believes in guiding people towards manifesting what they desire in life. With more than 12K+ clients to her repertoire, Shivanshi is also the winner of accolades like ‘Best Emerging Tarot Card reader and Healer in Delhi’ and ‘Best Reiki Healer and Spell Caster of the Year’. With her mantra being, “Nothing is Impossible”, she has touched the lives of numerous people and helped them onto the right track by giving them clarity.

At Storiyaan, we had the opportunity to have a chat with this captivating personality as she provided us with a peek into the circumstances and thoughts that set her on this journey.




Questions and answers

How did you step into the world of healing and tarot reading?

I got my psychic powers from my mother. She is a very spiritual person and has psychic abilities and intuitions. When I was in 11th, I met a teacher of mine who was into reiki healing. She introduced me to the magical world of reiki and tarot card reading. I was amazed when I started to practice on my own and was able to calm myself down and help others.

How accurate and reliable are tarot readings if done correctly?

Very accurate especially when it comes to guidance. I always believe that tarot isn’t for future predictions, it is for guidance. If you follow the right path you are going to get what you deserve.

Shivanshi, you have served 12,000+ clients across the globe. What is the most common feedback that you have gotten from your clients?

The most common feedback is “Thank you for the guidance.” I always believe in guiding people rather than infusing them with false beliefs. The other most common feedback that I get is about my healings and spells. They have helped people have the life they want and succeed in areas like LOVE, CAREER, HEALTH etc.

What is a healing technique that you would suggest to someone going through mental health issues?

Reiki healing is the most powerful technique for this, as it balances the 7 chakras, and works on the root and the blockages that can help overcome the emotional baggage and heal mental stress.

With the increasing number of readers and psychics on social media. What do you feel is one way to gauge the expertise of a tarot reader?

Intuition is the key. Reading the cards and connecting with the intuition and the guidance that you have been getting from within follows that. That’s the way to gauge the expertise of a tarot reader.

What does the process of spell casting include?

Process of spell casting includes: spells are a form of candle healing that includes the power of angels , crystals , oils & herbs etc to increase the energy of the process. Basically, I only practice white magic and work with angels. It has no karmic influences.

Narrate us an anecdote when you realised the inborn psychic abilities that can help people around you.

I have been attracted to astrology since childhood. Moreover, my mom’s intuition power always amazed me. So when I was 12, I remember her telling me that she had seen a dream which actually came true. Coming from a very spiritual family, I’ve seen people around me – especially my mom – being super spiritual which actually helped me a lot to choose my path. Moreover, I’m a clairvoyant. Since I was 15, like my mom, I was amazed when I used to see visions and dreams that actually started coming true.

What does the process of spell casting include?

Spells are a form of candle healing that includes the power of angels, crystals, oils & herbs, etc, to increase the energy of the process. I’m only into white magic and I work with angels; it has no karmic influences and is a bonus part for any intention.

How do you rectify a blocked chakra in a person’s mind and body? What are some techniques that are used in the curing process?

The techniques that I prefer for my clients to cure the blocked chakras are Reiki healing, guided meditation, and yoga.

What is a mantra that you have stuck by while going through a difficult time?

The mantra that I’ve stuck to all my life is: “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”.

With being recognised globally as a healer, what did it take to master your craft?

Practice, practice and practice – that’s what made me a master at the craft of healing. Patience and calmness are the keys.

What is a message that you would like to pass on to critics who do not believe in tarot reading/ healing techniques?

Tarot card reading can give you the best guidance ever and it can give you a new ray of hope! Healings can release the external blockages that are affecting your life and creating obstacles in your career, love life and health.



  1. Tarot reading in a word: Stories on cards!
  2. A person you look up to: My grandmother
  3. One dominant sign of a blocked chakra: Instability and imbalances in emotional and physical health!
  4. A book on self-healing: Think like a monk! My favourite.
  5. A night self-care routine tip: Guided meditation for 2 mins and listening to subliminal
  6. An affirmation to get through a hard day: Everything happens for a good reason! I’m open-minded and I will learn from this situation!