Shreya Kotak- Le Fou Delights

Shreya Kotak- Le Fou Delights

Shreya Kotak, the soul of Le Fou Delights, embodies the adage “When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade with it”. When physical health didn’t support her, the national level Tennis, Taekwondo, and a state-level Skating champion turned into a marvelous chef. What remained with her was the sportsperson spirit, zeal, hunger, and that go-getter attitude that was her driving force.

Gradually, Shreya started discovering certainty in uncertainty. She knew she had to pursue a creative field which led her to Hotel Management at Jindal School of Hotel Management where she discovered her passion for pastries. This then ultimately led her to her dream, her baby Le Fou Delights.

Evey cupcake/ donut/ cake/ chocolate that leaves Shreya’s kitchen is a blend of happiness, aspirations, hope, and of course mind-boggling deliciousness.

Continue reading to know more about Shreyas’s journey from being an amateur to becoming the essence of Le Fou Delights.

Shreya Kotak

Shreya Kotak- Le Fou Delights


Questions and answers

You were a very successful athlete before you turned into a chef because of your health. Can you tell us what happened that led you to cease pursuing the former course?

The short break I took because of my injury turned into quite an extended break which made me reconsider the various career options that lay ahead. It was then that I recognized my creative instinct and envisaged myself doing something along those lines than sports. It’s okay to change fields and follow your gut even if it means taking a big risk, which I did then.

Can you tell us some of the major challenges that you encountered during this phase and what kept you from giving in?

Sometimes new experiments bring in unexpected feedback. There are days when orders don’t come flying in, then there’s competition which brings my spirits down but what keeps me going is my passion and the happiness I get after delivering each dessert as per the customers’ requirements.

What was the stumbling block to your knack for baking and how did you cultivate it with time?

Though it may sound like a fan-girl moment but I absolutely adore and admire celebrity chef, Pooja Dhingra. During my studies, I researched about her work in detail and every recipe and product that came out of her kitchen fascinated me and drove me to do the same for myself for which I kept pushing in that direction.

At what point did this interest begin to take the form of a career option and you decided to pursue it?

During my second year of hotel management, I came across the concept of serious baking. It was a subject that required in-depth concentration, and I understood that of all the options available to me after graduation, this was the one I wanted to pursue as a career. I then majored in eggless baking, and here I am now.

What is the story behind the unique and attractive labeling for “Le Fou Delights”?

“Le Fou Delights” is French for “The Crazy Delights”. I chose to go with a French origin name because French desserts inspire me the most. The ‘Crazy’ in The Crazy Delights stands for my mad love for my work, life, and anything I put my heart into.

The Panda is in my logo since it is my spirit animal, and I embody its attributes of being fun-loving, merry, and creative, which also shows up in my desserts.

What is it about baking that you feel to be most satisfying and do you believe following your passion had an impact on your personality?

The most satisfactory thing about baking for me is the happy smiling pictures of the customers that I receive post their celebrations with my cakes and desserts. I do believe that pursuing my passion has made me braver and more confident. These qualities benefit me not just professionally but personally as well.

At what point do you think a cake/pastry turns into art and what has been your favorite creation yet? Why?

My art begins when I start using my palette knife on the canvas of the cake after whisking the batter. ‘Chocolate Merveilleux Entremet’ is a French chocolate dish with layers of Cocoa Crunchy Meringue, Dark Chocolate Alte Mousseux, Crunchy Chocolate Streusel, and Dark Chocolate Glaze has been my favorite creation.

It reminds me of how Rachel felt when she created the ‘Thanksgiving Traditional English Trifle.’

What are some of the sources that you rely on for inspiration and to remain up to date on the latest trends in the baking industry?

Besides Instagram and Pinterest, my consumers help me keep up to date on the current trends. They frequently come up with their own unique, imaginative designs and ask me to carve them out. Chefs I look up to for inspiration include Amaury Guichon, Urvi Zaveri, Aditi Garware, Megha Kwatra Madan, and many more!

We’ve all had a baking fail, or in some cases, several. Can you describe your worst baking disaster? What did you do to recover it?

During my learning phase, I made several mistakes that disappointed me, but with time, I perfected my talents and learned to deal with these setbacks positively.

One of my biggest blunders occurred when a 3KG cake I had prepared slipped from my grasp and was damaged moments before delivery. I panicked at first, but kept my spirits up, borrowed some time from the customer, and decorated the cake under a tight deadline.

Do you offer options and customizations, especially when it comes to those with medical conditions like diabetes?

We do offer customizations and also cakes for diabetic patients.

We provide Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Vegan as well as Adult Cakes.

My customizations go not just to the ordinary mithai cakes like gulab jamun/ras malai or Kaju Katli cakes but as far as Savoury/Prank Cakes as Mirchi/ Pani Puri Cakes

Rapid Fire

1.One baking tip for new bakers– Enjoy the process!

2.One lesson about owning a business learnt from experience– Believe in Yourself

3.One essential item to start one’s own baking business– kitchen weighing Scale

4.One chef, you look up to-Pooja Dhingra

5.Most important lesson learnt as a hotel management student– Empathy

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