Shruti and Chaitanya: Love binds you unexpectedly!


I was sipping tea with one of my friends at a chai Tapri when I first met Chaitanya. He used to come to the same stall and my friend happened to know him. That’s how we came to know each other and thereafter, we coincidentally started crossing each other’s paths.

We both never talked but we used to see each other on alternative days at that same stall. One day, there was a house party after covid where we interacted for the first time as he was the only one whose face was new to me. In no time we bonded over our love for theatres and movies. He was a fun-loving guy, it was very lenient for him to communicate with an absolute stranger. We chatted for hours that night. He even told me how he lost his eye due to a tumor at a very young age and how demanding it was for him and his family to deal with unjust vision. After that, we met at friends’ parties and one fine day, I got a call from him and he told me that he was in Pune, near my house. He told me about his breakfast place which was 1-2 minutes away from my house so I met him there and our connection was instantly carved. Although he never told me about his feelings, he was looking for an opportunity too. He decided to propose to me on the 14th Feb and I was stunned. He made everything look so fascinating about love that I said, yes instantly! We started dating and from eating endlessly to watching our favorite movies, our love evolved. We were having the life of a party!

After a year, he randomly made me meet his family and they all were so cute that I fell in love with them at first sight. However, my father didn’t support me when I asked him to meet Chaitanya. My family was appalled, they were more concerned about what people would say. It was very heartbreaking but I kept trying. One day, he suddenly agreed to meet Chaitanya and I still call it the happiest day of my life. They bonded instantly and he agreed to our marriage. Although Chaitanya was still concerned, I made sure to calm his misery.