Shweta Bajaj: A handmade hamper of love

Shweta Bajaj: A handmade hamper of love

Shweta Bajaj, the Founder of Charmed Gift Décor had started her gifting business out of passion. In no time, she realised how gifts often lit up her day. She set up her virtual shop and tirelessly worked to cater to the customisations and requirements of her clients. The happy feedback she received from her clients after the package was delivered was something that made it all worth it for her. 

Shweta has found great strength in her dad and has always looked up to him. After some initial hookups, her company Charmed Gift décor has eventually become a one stop gifting brand for everyone. “Our client’s happiness has been our top priority,” and that’s a mantra that keeps her going. 

In this interesting conversation with Storiyaan, Shweta spills some beans over establishing her business from scratch. Keep reading to know more!

Shweta Bajaj: A handmade hamper of love

Shweta Bajaj: A handmade hamper of love


Questions and answers

When did you realize that you had a knack for this profession?

I have always been a creative person at heart. I used to make handmade gifts for my friends since school days and that’s how it all started. To put it simply, I loved the concept of making something with my own hands and giving it a personal touch rather than giving something basic.

What has been your inspiration all this while?

Definitely, it has been my father. He is truly a man of wisdom. My father has not only motivated me to outperform but has stood by my side when I fell. He has taught me the importance of consistency and discipline in life and that has always helped me push my comfort zone at work or otherwise. 

How do you deal with clients and make their experience an extraordinary one?

So, here’s my hack. I pay attention to every minute detail that they mention to me. From their taste to their preferences to their budget, I make sure to note to all of them, in order to gift them an unforgettable experience.

What strategy do you apply to make sure that the client retains and recommends you?

So usually, we often keep in touch with our clientele. We also make our clients fill a form of their important events and we mark them to our calendars. The best business often comes from word of mouth and that is how it has always worked for us. We get most of our work through our existing clientele and hence their happiness is our utmost priority.

What relevance does decor and gifting hold for you and how do you make each product unique and intricate?

Most importantly I never compromise on the quality of my products. I use premium quality chocolates, scents and gifts to make sure the hampers curated are not only unique and creative but the products within are also rich in quality.  I tend to give a personal touch to each and every arrangement I make.

Can you take us through the process of creating a customized gift item for one of your clients?

Creating a customized gift is not as simple as it may sound. We have a thorough one on one discussion with our clients and I involve myself in the process. We prepare tailor made solutions to cater to their requirements. I always show them a few samples before finalizing the product. We take approximately 4-5 days to complete the order. It all depends on the level of customization and some other things.

What were the obstacles that you faced in the initial days of starting this venture?

Not many as I was very focused, disciplined and dedicated towards my work, just as any newcomer would be. I think initially time management and client handling was a bit  difficult but with time & experience I learnt it all.

Since you love surprising people with your giftings, how fulfilling has this venture been for you?

It has been beyond beautiful. I love when people appreciate my craft. Once a client ordered a product without a sample check. She had trusted me with all that I could make and said, “I don’t mind anything, I just want something from your brand.”  It feels amazing to have such feedback pouring in every now and then.  I am happy to realise that I am in that place where people can trust me.

One piece of advice that you’d like to give to the novices stepping in this profession as an entrepreneur/founder.

Only one word of advice to anyone who wished to join the gifting industry. It is HARD WORK. Always try to come up with an original idea rather than copying someone else. Be authentic and you will soar high!

Quick 5

1. Mantra in life: The merit of knowing that knowledge and hard work always pays off

2.  A gift package material you like using: Led lights

3. Business or a job: Business

4.  Favourite gifting page: Charmed gift & Decor

5.  A celebrity you look up to: Priyanka Chopra for her confidence