Do What You Love & People Will Love What You Do!


Do What You Love & People Will Love What You Do!

This is exactly the footing of how I have set up this beautiful, creative & quirky little brand which I cherish with all my heart!

It’s not what I always imagined I would do, I was a finance student, and I worked really hard to get into a premium Institute, completed my MBA from IIM Lucknow & started working post that.

But during the 4 years when I was engaged in a corporate job, I never felt that sense of belonging or any sort of sincere passion towards my work. Once I moved to Mumbai, I started toying with the idea of starting something of my own. When the idea came to me back in 2018, there weren’t many gifting brands in the country and I felt a need gap wherein people who lacked the time & idea for customized gifting could use such a service.

It all started within creative cohorts of my home. My Mom & I used to make these fun innovative gifts for family and friends, and we got good at it. It came to the point that people started coming to us to ask for help. I decided to put this creative side of mine to use and start my own business. I started on a small scale by taking small orders and posting my products on Instagram. The response I received was so positive, and I decided to expand it.

Obviously, this has not come easy, and we have faced a lot of bumps on the way. I was new to the city; I had no list of suppliers and no former experience in the business. There was a time when we got a huge order, and all of us were so excited about it, but there were a lot of blunders from our side, and we did not receive a positive response. But instead of getting disheartened, I decided to learn from my mistake. It’s safe to say that we still have them as a client and they love our work.

Only way to move ahead to see each setback as a learning & develop a process which doesn’t allow it to repeat. And just like that as one progresses the operations become smoother & business becomes more efficient. It is a long-drawn process which needs lots of patience and resilience & the failing, learning & bouncing back is perpetual.