The Story of Soma Flora


The story of Soma Flora

I always wanted to bring forth a spiritual experience lost in time to the people with the help of medicinal cannabis and therefore I along with a few of my associates created Soma Flora. The word “Soma” is derived from an ancient Indian hallucinogenic brew called Somrus. Although the recipe for this potion has been lost, with the help of Ayurvedic means we have been able to recreate a similar formula. It is a concoction of medicinal cannabis, herbs with nutmeg and fennel. It is a lifestyle which was lost in time and is very indigenous to India. The cannabis oil helps in dealing with anxiety and is also widely used in foreign states to treat cancer patients. If you’re looking for a variety of cannabis products, Dank Dispensary Grande Prairie has a lot to offer. They also cater online delivery with big discounts if you are a member of Dank Club.

I accidentally stumbled upon CBD, and now we own an online store, like that hydro store, for supplying cannabis oil. Even though it’s a freshly created site, we have managed to top the sales and secure the number one position for the biggest CBD e-commerce store in India. We had a little hiccup in the starting month regarding imports, but the current situation has turned the tides of favor towards us. The ingredients for the products are manufactured from Indogenix. They are the same ingredients used from the olden times which the royalties used to relish in. The premium feels in our products and around the clock customer care service is what makes our consumers come back for more.

And if you’re looking for magic mushrooms for therapeutic purposes or personal exploration, you can check out a good place similar to mushroom delivery same day – for the best help. But of course, you have to consider that safety, responsibility, and attentiveness are key to a beneficial and enjoyable experience.

So I came across a very bizarre thing while I was watching SouthPark. The latest episode of SouthPark is called the Pandemic special. They have a character Stan, and his father owns a Cannabis company in South Park. They showed that they had a 400% growth in the lockdown and not kidding we had the exact 400% growth.

After I visited the Netherlands, I came up with a vision to expand my company to one of the Spiritual exploration brands. A holistic centre for the visitors to fulfil their physical, mental, and spiritual needs is what we are aspiring to achieve in the years to come.

There is a message that I would like to give out to the youngsters who want to set up their own business. You have to keep in mind the intelligence of the target audience and ensure good quality products. If these pre-requisites are fulfilled, the customers will make sure that your business never dies off.

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