Sonali Gupta: Trust your Inner Voice

Sonali Gupta: Trust your Inner Voice

Do you trust your inner voice? Do you realise the power of vibes? Energy never lies, they say and that’s what Sonali believes in.

Sonali is a tarot card reader and numerologist who is helping people to heal or gain insight in life by listening to the power of their inner voice with the tarot and Oracle cards as the medium. She has a business venture named ‘Tarot by Sonaali’ where people shine and sparkle after just one session. It is a space to burst the worry bubble that prevents you from realising your full potential and once again find yourself dancing to the rhythm of music that life brings!

Catch Sonali in an interesting conversation with Storiyaan.

Sonali Gupta: Trust your Inner Voice

Sonali Gupta: Trust your Inner Voice


Questions and answers

What are some things you keep in mind before doing a tarot session for a new client?

Before reading cards for a client, I always keep in mind to light my candles and cleanse the deck sage and incense and be in the best of my spirits with lots of positive energies. I shuffle the deck with client’s full name. Client’s full name and birth details are crucial to this exercise. I always wear my amethyst and black tourmaline before starting any session. If it is a telephonic session, I ask my client not to cross hands and legs as it restricts the flow of energy.

What are some healing crystals that are widely effective?

  1. Citrine: for luck and abundance.
  2. Amethyst: for peace and calmness
  3. Black Tourmaline: For protection and grounding.
  4. Rose Quartz: For relationship and self-love
  5. Selenite:  Cleansing blocked energy

How are your reading sessions different from those of the others?

The differentiating factor would be my in-depth analysis of a question rather than just a yes or no. I listen to the problems patiently before voicing my analysis and don’t judge you. I don’t check my clock even if a half an hour session extend to 40-45 minutes. I understand the fact that people approach me during unfavourable times, and I put my knowledge and guidance to optimum use by counselling them.

What are some life lessons that cards and crystals have taught you?

I believe tarot is a teacher, each card holds different lesson. Some of them are:

  1. The Fool: There is a new beginning but look before you leap.
  2. The Magician: Be resourceful and never stop learning.
  3. The Lovers: The right connections bring balance, the wrong ones don’t.
  4. Death: The only constant is change.
  5. Devil: Be strong to face your fears accept your unhealthy habits.
  6. Tower: Things with faulty foundation cannot stand forever.
  7. Star: Be your own healer
  8. Moon: Not everything is as it seems.
  9. Sun: Bring your best game forward.

What are Oracle cards. How are they different from tarot cards?

Tarot cards have a set structure. And oracles are free flowing. Oracle cards are a much more modern form of card divination than tarot. Tarot cards are hundreds of years old.  While Oracle cards are a new discovery meant to be used solo as a daily message for spiritual guidance but can be used in a spread or combination with a Tarot card reading.

What would be your message to people who wish to try their hands learning tarot cards?

My only advice would be don’t just make it a medium to earn money. Be open to help, guide and counsel people who seek help. Spend time with your deck and make your deck your best friend for the best readings.