Sonam Chouksey- Entrepreneur in a lab coat

Sonam Chouksey- Entrepreneur in a lab coat

How difficult does the impossible seem after it’s done? Every day, Sonam Chouksey, the girl with a million dreams, pushes her boundaries an inch further. Sonam is all she could possibly be: a doctor, a mother, an entrepreneur, and so much more. To all those who limit themselves, her success asks one question, if you’re certain of the bird in hand, why not go for the other in the bush?

Sonam, in addition to being a doctor, has an MBA from Kellogg Business School and has now launched a firm called Prevlyfe for new moms to educate them about pregnancy and postpartum. Because of her thirst for knowledge and her wanderlust nature, she never stops being a student, be it learning about business or exploring new places.

Sonam in her interview with Storiyaan talks about how not to give up on dreams and shares some of her life’s relatable incidents regarding the same. Continue reading to know more.

Sonam Chouksey

Sonam Chouksey- Entrepreneur in a lab coat


Questions and answers

When was the first time you realized your interest to be a doctor and why was it so?

I believe in Mark Twain’s famous quote that the two most important days in our lives are the day we are born and the day we realize our life’s purpose. Being born in a small Indian village, we had limited access to the necessities. Due to the lack of hospitals and proper medical care, many people, including family members had died. That was one of the primary reasons I aspired to be a doctor.

Who was the greatest motivator in your journey and how has that helped you in your professional achievements?

My greatest motivator is my father. I’ve watched him work through the most difficult times without losing his cool, and I’ve seen him back me in all of my life decisions because he knew I was learning and exploring. He taught me it’s okay to fail and that he’ll be by my side no matter what. Even during the eight-hour-long medical exams, I have seen him sitting outside the exam center waiting for me. The hard work and perseverance he taught me are one of the reasons where I am today.

Tell us about the major difficulties that you had to overcome in the initial days to build credibility.

For going to America for my post-graduation, I was required to take five exams, some of which were in Mumbai and some in America. I needed a laptop but I did not know how to use one. Living in America itself was a new struggle. I was learning basic survival skills. My sweaters could barely protect me from the brutal cold of Chicago winters. However, from learning the fundamentals of life to excelling in medicine and eventually winning the prizes, it was a tremendously rewarding path that required incredible hard work, devotion, and patience.

What struck you about entrepreneurial zeal and what led to the start of Prevlyfe?

The dream to touch a million lives is what I love about the entrepreneurial journey. I am a first-time mom and a doctor. I’ve seen the gaps during pregnancy and postpartum from both sides. And that is what led me to start PrevLyfe.

What is Prevlyfe all about and what purpose does it aim to serve?

Prevlyfe’s main ideals and mission are to elevate and provide a complete solution for new mothers of different ethnicities around the world, To make the trip of motherhood smoother and more joyful so that they may enjoy it without jeopardizing their health, profession, or passion.

Being a humanitarian, what are the areas of work you invest yourself in to promote human welfare?

I majorly work towards promoting a preventive lifestyle. I strongly believe in if we take active measures on lifestyle changes, we can prevent majority of diseases. I also enjoy working toward women’s healthcare.

Share with us some tips that can demystify flakiness around the time of pregnancy and what are the health care tips they should follow.

This topic is very dear to me. To give you a quick overview, many new mothers are unsure of what to expect and hence suffer from postpartum depression and postpartum blues, which often goes undetected and can destroy the family unit. How can a mother take care of her newborn if she is not well or in the correct frame of mind? They should take proper breaks, be it for coffee or meditation. Through PrevLyfe, we not only educate them about what changes to expect, both physically and mentally but also motivate them to carry out their passions, so that they might not lose their individuality in the process.

What are some of the ways people can connect with you, both online and offline?

People can connect with me through social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Or they can directly email me at I would love to hear their feedback and help in any way I can.

What are the things you are currently working on?

Along with my startup PrevLyfe, I am a semifinalist in Mrs. India Inc which is a magnificent experience with India’s great women who are blazing trails, defying odds, and transforming lives while displaying beauty, confidence, and excellence. I am overjoyed to see the right combination of PrevLyfe for new moms and the Mrs. India Inc platform come together and change how pregnancy and postpartum should be.

Rapid Fire

1. One life mantra that you follow – I never forget my roots

2. Your biggest pet peeve – People demeaning others’ life choices just because they cannot relate to them.

3. What does your profession mean to you – My identity and my happy place.

4. Your favourite pastime -Exercises that keeps my heart rate up. I also enjoy writing.

5. Your proudest milestone – Receiving three humanitarian awards in a row for compassionate care of the patients after voting by the entire Department of medicine.

If you wish to reach out to Sonam Chouksey or know more about her, contact her on her social media accounts featured below.