5 Min Bit with Sonam Jain

Sonam Jain

The tales of children not complying to eat food have been a consistent complaint by most mothers. To help mothers in this journey, Sonam Jain who is herself a mother of a four-year-old is redefining the art of food with creativity, passion, and motherly love.

A passionate blogger, Sonam Jain, a parenting coach, a former marketer, is nothing short of a supermom. Get to know more about the lovable Sonam Jain in this engaging interview with Storiyaan.

Sonam Jain


Questions and answers

What are a few things that according to you every expecting mother must be aware of?

I believe there are two things that every expecting mother should be aware of. One, she should enquire about all the necessary information regarding her pregnancy, such as services like IV hydration during pregnancy, from the gynecologist and not rely on Google. Two, she should be open to suggestions and advice but do what makes her feel right.

What enticed you to become a food artist? What is food-art all about?

One day I made a smiley with ketchup for my nephew who is a fussy eater and uploaded it on Facebook. It got appreciated and many moms started to reach out to me on how to make khichdi or bottle gourd eye captivating for their kids to eat. And that enticed me to continue further. 

Food art is all about making food fun and alluring. The artists make beautiful plating and designs which are as much visually appealing as their taste. It is a small but growing community and everyone is discovering their niche.

Highlight some Parenting dos and don’ts for parents of toddlers reading the feature?

There are no rigid dos and don’ts. I feel the parenting style should be personalized according to the child’s requirements and parents should be conscious and intuitive. They should be aware of their action and impact on their children and not follow the mass.  

Can you tell us more about your grind in BTL advertising?

I was in BTL advertising for seven years where I looked after rural marketing. For my work, I traveled all over India, created campaigns, grants and understood the nooks and crannies of rural marketing. I have tried authentic rural marketing, hut marketing, mela marketing; the entire experience has been very insightful.

Has motherhood changed your life? If yes, in what ways?

Yes, motherhood made me more patient as my bond with my child took time to develop. It made me realize the true essence of unconditional love and value the little things we share. I became calm, cautious, and curious regarding my son and my decisions. 

How is having a parent coach beneficial for first-time parents?

A parenting coach is very beneficial because they help you understand the essence of parenting which includes learning that we have to change ourselves before changing our children. Today, when we are busy with our jobs and they are preoccupied with screens, it becomes even more important to have someone guide you to connect and enjoy your time with your child.  

If you were to share a piece of advice for all our budding bloggers, what would that be?

My advice is that consistency is the key, work hard to be regular and be patient as success does not come overnight. With time you will master your skill and understand your audience’s expectations.