Sophia Suraya- The Chakras of Wellbeing

Sophia Suraya- The Chakras of Wellbeing

How well do you heal if you don’t heal from inside? Life’s events don’t happen to you, they happen to your highest best- says Sophia Suraya, the fearless young soul who manipulates energy for wellbeing. If your mental health is sagging away, all you need is channelization of your energies and Reiki and hence, Suraya.

Sophia Suraya is a Holistic Reiki and Energy Healer who helps individuals improve their physical and emotional health by planting the seed of goodness in them. Being an expert in distant healing, she can cure you without touch and help you create a more authentic version of yourself.

With Storiyaan, Sophia Suraya talked more about Reiki and how the chakras of well-being work. Read on to know more.

Sophia Suraya

Sophia Suraya- The Chakras of Wellbeing


Questions and answers

Could you briefly tell us how reiki helps us in schmoozing our emotion and thought?

If your chakras are not aligned, this interferes with your body’s functionality and you are not your 100 percent, you are depressed, anxious, in pain, and suffering. With Reiki’s help, I open all of your chakras so that energy flows and you don’t become sick or depressed, and you’re aligned with your greatest self.

You mentioned your purpose in life is spreading love, strength, companionship, and healing. So can you elaborate on that?

Normally, people are so worried about other things that they forget to look after themselves. So what I do is, I connect with them and make them understand how internal chakras work, often giving my own example. Before you can help somebody else you have to be strong enough for yourself. So if someone has a session with me, we go in opening all the chakras for healing. So you are full of energy, compassion, and love so much so that your fear disappears.

Share with us some of the baby steps that we can take to get in touch with our spiritual selves?

So the first and the easiest step is to take out 5 mins from your day and sit with your back straight and take deep breaths from the nostrils. Open up your belly, vertebrates, and diaphragm. And we should not do shallow breathing, it leads to depression and anxiety. Feel your heart and your heartbeat as these 5 mins will calm you down and set you for the day.

What would be a spiritual message to readers of this interview?

Nothing happens to you, it happens for you. Everything in life has a purpose no matter how bad it is or how unreasonable it looks.

Do you believe that spiritual guidance could bolster community connections? If yes, how?

Spiritual guidance helps bring people together thus building a better community. When we’re all coming from a place of compassion and humbleness and support each other, we build better relationships. For example, I’m holding a free healing session on Mother’s Day and I’m encouraging people to donate to women’s shelters and underprivileged children.


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Sophia Suraya can be the best person to help you achieve the best version of yourself. To arrange a session with her or know more about her, visit her website Infinity Healing reach out through her social media accounts linked below.