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Sreemathy Venkatraman
Sreemathy Venkatraman

Sreemathy Venkatraman– Balanced, Natural & Wholesome

Sreemathy Venkatraman, I was drawn towards science when I was a child and with time my love for science grew stronger. So I took home science in my higher secondary and had a passion for it. Topping that subject in the boards encouraged me to pursue that subject in college with clinical dietetics as a subject.

I always wanted to have my own clinic so after completing my studies and working in hospitals as a clinical dietitian for 22 years, working in several multispecialty hospitals, I got my company, Mitha Aahara (Eat to Live) registered in Karnataka.

Due to COVID we were not able to meet our clients personally so instead of having a physical clinic, I have started an online consultancy for nutritional therapy for both clinical and wellness conditions. I was not very good with the technologies so I learnt video calling, payment gateways and social media engagement with posts and reels and honing my listening skills a notch higher.

The tagline Eat to Live says it all, as food is considered medicine in our culture and when, what and how you eat is the key to optimal health has been practiced for ages. In fact people are more health conscious and willing to spend more time and energy in eating healthy and having a balanced life focusing on health prevention and wellness.

Our nutritional programs have worked wonders in our clients with gut health problems like acidity, chronic constipation, food intolerances and also skin and hair problems.

We give a lot of importance to mental health and include foods that are good for mood, energy and sense of well being. We also customize the Eat Right Plans in addressing our client’s cravings, anxiety, depression and also their extreme tiredness and fatigue.

We have many thankful clients who have seen a difference in their quality of life and energy levels and they have realised that daily food intake the right way makes a lot of positive impact.