5 Min Bit With Suchismita Chattaraj

Suchismita Chattaraj

Suchismita Chattaraj is a multi-faceted personality. She’s an Engineer, Project Manager, Music Composer, Singer, Writer, Fashion & Beauty Influencer, and much more, Suchismita has carved a niche for herself. From being an active Quoran to humming songs, you will always find her working and exploring her creative side.

Suchismita Chattaraj is quite active on Instagram and YouTube where she shares useful tips on fashion and lifestyle. She has featured on multiple platforms and is the face of several beauty brands like Coco Soul, Mom & World, Vasu Face Essentials, Plum Goodness, Livon, Blue Heaven, etc. She is the Founder of the project Unspoken Prejudice that generates awareness against the blind spots people carry unconsciously that influence their judgment and behavior towards certain things. 

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Suchismita Chattaraj


Questions and answers

Your bio reads “old school with vintage heart” how do you reflect this motto in your style statement?

Growth comes from age and experience which is why we cherish wine that is old and vintage.  When I say old school, it is mostly taking good things from the past and respecting what makes sense. ‘Vintage Heart’ reflects staying rooted in my culture, which is why my style has a unique resemblance with what has shined in the past and can be revamped in the present.

Can you tell us about your shoot with Ranbir Kapoor for the Nissan Micra?

I am a staunch fan of Ranbir Kapoor and when I got to know about the opportunity to be even close to the person I admire, I applied to the Nissan Micra dancing campaign going on and luckily was one of the few lucky contestants to be selected. It was not about what the role was, for me it was all about an opportunity to realise one of my dreams and dreams fueled with passion do come true.

As a Bengali you are quite fond of literature as well. Can you tell us about one of your best reads?

Pather Panchali, a novel by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay is one of the cherished pieces of literature that created a lasting impression on me. The master class highlighted day-to-day struggles in a small village and how despite all these struggles a family could cherish pearls of happiness that come from the little joys in life. Many people may have different interpretations of the message in the book but for me, it was how we must grab every small opportunity in life and treasure the happiness out of it rather than getting buried into a chase of the big goals and end up being sad throughout the journey.

What has been your motivation to start writing, what has been the driving force behind coming up with unspoken prejudice?

My goal is to reach a broader audience with my message of peace and happiness. My driving factor behind my project Unspoken Prejudice (USP) is my introspection about why people react and behave the way they do on certain things in life. USP is a way for me to uncover those hidden unconscious paradigms to bring about awareness and make a little difference in whatever way I can. 

Can you tell us a bit about your love for shayari, also what is your favourite piece?

I am extremely fond of the Urdu language and find it to be the most unique and romantic one. I have been rigorously cherishing Urdu Shayaris for the depth and emotions they carry. 

My favorite piece would be

“Ranjish hi Sahi” by the great Ahmad Faraz.

Ranjish Hi Sahii Dil Hi Dukhaane Ke Liye Aa

Aa Phir Se Mujhe Chhod Ke’ Jaane Ke Liye Aa

What was your inspiration behind writing, composing and singing your original 'barson se'?

Singing is in my genes. I have inherited it from my mother, she used to be a splendid singer. She is my one and only inspiration behind my composition “Barson Se”. When I heard her humming the tune of my song, nodding her head to it, I was on cloud nine. Whatever I am today is for her fierce support and trust in me. I owe everything to Maa.

What are your future plans and how do you plan to work on them?

I strongly believe that we are born human to serve a purpose. And that purpose is definitely something beyond our self-contentment. I am trying hard to reach out to people to enlighten them, encourage them and empower them. I’m trying to bring unthinkable, unspoken social norms to light for an open discourse. And this is what my future plan is – to become ‘A Difference Maker.’