Sudhir Velraj- Voice of Confidence

Sudhir Velraj- Voice of Confidence

Have you ever stumbled when giving a speech, or has a large crowd ever made you nervous?

Sudhir Velraj is one such person who can inspire you since he successfully stepped out of his own shell of an introvert and face the crowd at large. In your journey to befriend the mic, Sudhir can be your perfect mentor!


Sudhir Velraj is a public speaker who was an introvert for most of his life and now wants to help others who are in the same boat. He founded two initiatives, the Infiniti Speakers Academy and the Infiniti Self-help Clan, to discourage young people from shying away from careers that demand a lot of speaking. He has not only handled over 100 stage performances but also mentored more than 500 students towards success and co-authored an Amazon Bestselling book “Speak 2 Shine”.


With Storiyaan he shares much more about how his voice which dwelled on the grounds has touched the sky. Dig in to know more.

Sudhir Velraj

Sudhir Velraj- Voice of Confidence


Questions and answers

What struck you to make a profession in public speaking or in mentoring an individual?

I was embarrassed in front of the entire school once when I fumbled in one of my assembly speeches as a child. I resolved that day to never do the same thing again. I owe a lot to my academic career when it comes to mentoring students. I learned public speaking there, and I counseled students once a month to assess their development.

How difficult it was to take an unconventional career path?

My professional experience ranges from software developer to assistant professor to public speaker. Despite numerous obstacles, my desire to accomplish something significant kept me going. I had to find a good mentor and invest a lot. I did lose a good amount of money with some bad programs as well.

Faced with the unforeseen circumstances of a worldwide pandemic, what were the difficulties that came up in your journey and how did you manage to overcome them?

The COVID pandemic has severely affected the speaking industry. With limited outside access, the number of online programs has skyrocketed. So, I have come up with 2 pathways, “Infiniti Speakers Academy” & “Infiniti Self-help Clan”. Both happening online for the time being. But now I am back to my old ways of doing offline assignments.

What was the biggest fear you had to overcome and how did you do so?

I overcame my fear of public speaking. I was scared that my desire to continue p on this journey would be insufficient. Thank goodness I discovered my ‘WHY’ at a young age. And that drive was stoked regularly throughout my life.

What are some of the basic criteria required to be a good public speaking trainer and how can one develop those qualities?

I do find 3 qualities that are quite interesting.

1. Your ability to communicate the message properly even if you speak well

2. How trustworthy you are as a person.

3. Your knowledge about the subject before delivering a speech.

When it comes to developing these qualities, practice and do all the research.

What was your aim and reasons behind choosing this profession and what did you want to achieve?

My aim is to uplift people from their negative emotions and of course motivate them to become a better version. I would love to become a globetrotter, meeting people of various nationalities, languages, and cultures. On a larger picture, I do want to trigger their inner dreams.

How is your experience working as a motivational speaker and how did you embrace your very shy clients?

I have had a great experience talking to different people. I let my clients talk first so that I can understand how much are they affected by their negative emotions. Then I give them suggestions for healthy well-being.

What strategies and SPI models do you use for influence building and persuasion skills?

The SPI model has been my best ever discovery so far. I do give speeches to corporate employees to emphasize the need for speaking, persuading people, and the influencer mindset. This will help them grow faster on the corporate ladder. There are more than 15 strategies that can be used. I have mentioned these strategies in my co-authored book “Speak 2 Shine”.

Share with us any memories of your working with a professional that has boosted your work spirit.

When I was working in a corporate company I was once called for a high-stakes meeting with a Brazilian client for signing a project deal of 2 years and I was asked to explain a tool that I and my team were handling. I had to use persuasion strategies to coax my client (obviously in a positive way) and we signed the deal. It was then I understood the power of the SPI model.

What is a message that you would want to leave for our readers?

You are born an original, don’t die a copycat. You are here to make your mark in this world. Show all the people who label you as an introvert what you’re capable of.

Rapid Fire

1.Your life mantra – If you want to fly drop everything that weighs you down

2.One thing that describes you – Surprise others.

3.Your greatest motivator – Jack Ma

4.Your favorite book – How to stop worrying and start living by Dale Carnegie

5.A Pet peeve of yours – People who pretend to like me.

If you wish to hone your public speaking skills or want to know more about Sudhir Velraj, visit his website and get in touch with him through his social media handle linked below.