Suhani Bachan Elawadhi- Revamping Brands

Suhani Bachan Elawaddhi

Suhani Bachan Elawadhi is the epitome of creativity and innovations when it comes to Social Media strategies. “I am a strong believer of the fact that what I put out into the world is always reverted to me,” says Suhani.

Having started out really young, she made her fair share of mistakes and soldiered on with the new lessons and experiences gained from them to make her venture Trouvaille one of the best in its arena. Take a walk with us through her story as she unveils to Storiyaan her journey from a multi-tasking kid with a bucket of new ideas to a successful businesswoman with a brand that has become quite the talk of the town!

Suhani Bachan Elawadhi

Suhani Bachan Elawadhi- Revamping Brands


Questions and answers

How did you first stumble upon your fascination and embark upon the pursuit of social marketing of brands?

I used to literally multi-task all my life: I used to sing, dance, do photography, record everything, edit, write, paint. As a teenager, I worked in advertising firms and also in front of the camera for many brands. Once I shifted back to Chandigarh, I thought that there was something missing in the city in terms of advertising. My partner Gurbani Buttar and I started Trouvaille with a view to providing brands with the exposure that they deserved and putting whatever talent I had into it. Trouvaille was my breakthrough; it was meant to be and I am super proud of it.

What were the strategies used by Trouvaille to be one of a kind and earn credence to its clients?

Our main strategy was to present small brands out there in the market in a very unique manner. We were the first ones to try out with video marketing, especially on Instagram at a time when IGTVs, Reels and even stories were not even there in the picture. We did product photography, flat-lay photography back then which was quite a new concept. We focused on creating original content and emphasized photography, styling, adding a human element and showing everything organically, building the trust of our consumers. That worked out really well for us.

Trouvaille works as social media rebranding, re-theming and influencing. How overwhelmed does it get at times to handle all these things and what are the ways you manage it?

Every brand must have an identity of its own, be it tones, font, layouts, photography or video marketing. We help these brands to come up with their own niche and style, that enables them to connect with the consumers. In this way, every brand aesthetic remains unique and each brand gets to have its story.

What were some of the rookie mistakes you made as a newbie in the field and how did you improve those mistakes?

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, especially when you are starting something new. Our biggest mistake in the initial stage was not having a team and we thought we could do everything on our own. But having the right team also means that you can explore more and also enhance productivity and your calibre. Now we are lucky to have a team where everyone is at the same wavelength and creativity sores among us.

In your experience as a working individual, how have you managed to strike a balance between keeping a stable perspective of life while also remaining productive during the Covid scenario?

Social media strategists like us have to remain on their phones and laptops all the time. During the pandemic, the workload was multiplied as numerous new brands popped up that sought our help. Using my experience and knowledge to help them out during this time was my manna dew from fatigue, knowing I had worked really hard to help out my friends and families to build their business and to market themselves in different portals.

Could you elaborate on your first clientele experience with us and how was the experience?

It was the day we made the logo for our brand and planned to launch it online. We lacked the capital to invest in our business. I was already in touch with the people who would be our first clients. My partner and I decided to convince them of what their brand could be and when I reached home, I received a call that confirmed our deal. The feeling of being able to do something of my own elated me! This first break played a major role in boosting my self-confidence.

Where do you see Trouvaille in the next 5 years and what are the new ideas and the changes you want to incorporate in the upcoming years?

We see Trouvaille expanding to different cities, including Delhi and Mumbai. I want to have more people on the team and make Trouvaille the best content creators in social media marketing. We are also getting into PR and influencer marketing, helping brands reach out to celebrities, influencers and bloggers and attain their niche. I would love to see myself as a TEDx speaker and help out women who feel they have lost their zeal.