Sumit Patil: Humor Is Therapy

Sumit Patil

“Bringing a smile on other people’s faces is my favourite thing to do.” says Sumit Patil a content creator and a YouTuber. Having not found his place in a world full of engineers, Sumit decided to make people smile with his humorous and funny videos.

In his interview with Storiyaan, Sumit talks about his initial struggles as a content creator, how he comes up with unique and hilarious content, and his real reason to make such content. Delve into this interview to know more about Sumit and his insight on the digital world.

Sumit Patil


Questions and answers

How do you think your videos have evolved with time, both in terms of videography and content?

I started posting dance videos on YouTube in 2018. But making dance videos required a lot of time which I was not able to invest. Therefore, I shifted to making unboxing videos by adding humour to them to make them unique. I faced a lot of problems in the beginning. I had no equipment to shoot and edit videos and was facing some financial problems as well. But it was all worth it in the end as my videos were a huge hit and people loved them.

You must be well-aware of the pressure in the Indian Society to pursue a career in Engineering as it is a common belief that it is a “stable” job. As an engineer yourself, what is your personal take on this?

Like most Indian families, even I was pressurised to pursue engineering by my Dad. But after completing my degree when he asked me what I wanted to do, I told him the truth that engineering is not where my heart lay and I didn’t want to pursue it anymore. My Dad was very supportive of my decision and told me not to care about other’s opinions but to do what made me happy. So, I switched my field to architecture. Why force a person to do something which makes him unhappy? Just let him follow his passion.

How do make sure that the content you create is relatable to your audience and do you take suggestions from your viewer’s comments?

People are too stressed about their work the whole day that when they open social media, they are looking for a way to de-stress. A good laugh goes a long way to uplift your mood. So, I search on trending topics and try to make funny and relatable content for my audience. I always keep viewer suggestions in mind because that will help me improve and grow.

As a YouTuber, how do you deal with criticism, especially the negative one?

I get a lot of negative comments because of my voice. I have realised that these people do not even know the real me and their opinion shouldn’t matter to me. The more they talk trash about me, the bigger will be the empire I make out of it. 

Most of your videos are targeted towards invoking a humorous response from your viewers. How far do you think your humorous persona was responsible for keeping the lockdown blues at bay?

I like to make funny videos because I believe that laughter is the best way to de-stress. In today’s hectic and stressful world, if I have the ability make people laugh and forget about their problems for a couple of minutes then why not use it? I started making humorous content and my reach grew as people were on social media the whole day and looking for various ways to get rid of the lockdown blues.

Can you tell us a bit about the conception and making of your video where you have taken a humorous dig at the rise in petrol prices?

New ideas come to my mind usually when I’m trying to sleep. Whenever I close my eyes, my imagination is let loose and I think about various camera angles and dialogues to create content. I also watch videos of other content creators and try to keep up with the trends to get new ideas.

What would be your message to our readers who are planning on starting their YouTube channel and one pro tip that has helped you get started?

If you want to start a YouTube channel just go for it. The digital market will skyrocket in a few years. You need to keep up with the trends and make your content more relatable. Also, promote it on other platforms as it boosts your engagement and you can also invest in google ads if you have enough funds.