5 Min Bit With Sun Yong

Sun Yong

Sun Yong is an author, positive mindset mentor, entrepreneur, life coach, and stock and options trader who has written several books including ‘Opposite/Opposites’ and ‘How to Invest in Yourself’. Having a childhood filled with struggles, both of these books are inspired by Sun Yong’s own life and experiences. She is a motivation for everyone struggling out there and a ray of hope that things do get better.

In her interview with Storiyaan, Sun Yong talks about her life experiences, the journey of self-love and confidence, and gives some important financial tips. She is a life coach, mentor, entrepreneur and above all an inspiration for all. Continue reading this interview to know more about Sun Yong and her journey.

Sun Yong


Questions and answers

What is something that a beginner-level trader/ stock marketer must know? 

They must know the terminologies. They have to understand the risk involved in options trading and buying and selling stocks.

A lot of people find it hard to stay motivated for a longer time. As a life coach, what advice would you like to give to such people who lose motivation after a while?

Start setting short and long-term goals and write out a plan and start taking action if you want to see the results. Time will pass by rather if you don’t take charge.

What is a necessary life skill that one must know to achieve their goals?

They have to elevate their mindset, start believing in themselves, need to take action, be consistent, self-disciplined, and motivated.

Can you talk to us about a major takeaway from the book that you have written?

The takeaway is that all of us are different from each other; we don’t realize it until we are in a relationship. My husband and I had a lot of similarities when we dated but when we got married, we noticed how different we were. It took a lot of hard work, compromise, and treating each other with respect to bridge out these indifferences.

Can you tell us in brief about Fast Growth Finance and what can one expect from the same?

Fast Growth Finance is the company my husband and I started. We teach them how to increase their savings such as those from Shariah junior ISA, investment portfolios and diversify their money, so money can work for them, not them working for their money. They don’t have to have a lot of money to start.

What is the most common misconception that you have come across when it comes to trading? 

When it comes to trading, I thought the market will go up high enough to make maximum profit by expiring date but that’s not always true, since the market is unpredictable, therefore you have to know more than one strategy to make your money. You have to study the movements of the company that you are setting up.

What are the few investment tips that according to you every investor must be aware of?

They have to know the strategies because I have spoken with a few investment companies and they all tell you that they can only earn a certain percentage, but as investors, you have to know how much you can make and you can lose. You also have to take care of the risks to avoid the downfalls.