5 Min Bit With Suroso


“A lot of big brands still test their products on animals, we can’t cut off such massive corporations but can definitely try to be an inspiration to them by producing cruelty-free customized natural products,” says Sujata as she talks about how one can Embrace the goodness of nature from the products of Suroso organic.

Co-founded by a mother-daughter duo, Suroso has given the ‘dadi ke nuske’ a modern makeover. Roshni being a traditional homemaker has always applied homemade masks and watched them doing wonders. Being a skincare enthusiast she wanted to give it back to society and co-founded Suroso along with her daughter Sujata who has a master’s in luxury brand management.

Sujata aims to introduce a new wave of selfcare and bring a change in how it is perceived today. A fun chat with Storiyaan Sujata tells us about all the love and handmade craft that goes behind delivering Ayurveda to your doorstep.



Questions and answers

Can you tell us more about Luxury Brand Management and what does it typically consist of?

 This brand works in India and outside. The management consists of the study of marketing strategies for brand flourishing. When I started studying about this brand, my perspective was very different and I never really knew about how it worked so I gradually gathered up the experience and learned the strata behind this.

Eco-consciousness is a gradual yet ever-expanding state of mind. How did you come up with the idea of harnessing it with skincare?

The story that goes behind is very interesting; when I returned back from Milan during the pandemic, I was idle and had nothing to do.

One day mom and I decided to co-found a venture for skincare and we came up with the workshop and people really appreciated us. That’s what pushed us to create a brand like Suroso.

Ayurveda and Ayurvedic products have been a boon in the Indian market for the longest of times. What makes your products unique and draws the line of distinction with other ayurvedic products available in the market?

Our brand is different as it started recently and all the manufactures and ingredients come from home, it’s a homegrown brand and we customize for different skin types as well. We make products based on every single customer’s need. Ours is a minimalistic home-grown brand which adds to its unique trait.

What are some of the strategies adopted by you for promoting your products among a larger audience?

This brand was initially very small, and I single handedly handled the promotion. I was already into social media and loved showcasing my fashion blogging skills on the platform. When I started promoting Suroso, it became a grand thing and gradually got bigger and many marketing companies hired us. I extremely loved and felt motivated doing all this on my own.

Your products are not only natural but also guilt and cruelty-free. How do you test each product before they are launched? Also, a lot of brands still practice testing products on animals. How do you think we can curb that?

The first testing of every product we launch starts within our family; we try to apply it for 5 to 10 days and ensure that there are no side effects. Coming from a Jain family, it has been our core belief to ensure that all our products are natural and cruelty-free.

What kind of research and study do you involve yourself in before the creation and launching of a new product line?

The credits for all the natural ingredients and product ideas go to my mother. She tells me her new idea for something and then we go to the workshop and we brainstorm to make it. I do all the research about it and ask critical questions. All the ideas are mostly from the books mom reads because she’s really into skincare.

Your mother is the co-founder of Suroso and together you have worked towards building this brand. What kind of energy do you think each one of you brings into the work and how do you work out your differences when such a situation arises while making a product?

My mom and I share a very cool bond, we have gotten really close because of Suroso. Whenever we work together, we divide the work; my mom does the products and I handle social media. We have quite some fun working together. We enjoy it thoroughly and I even help her in packing; we even have little fights but at the end of the day we make the perfect pair.