Love seeks no boundaries-Sushank.


Sushank-Love seeks no boundaries

I was bound by the ropes of denial and forced to shatter the mirror that reflected my true self by society. 

Bullying at school not only dwindles the candle of self-esteem but also locks us in our closest.

In 2017, I shifted to London for my cancer research. Blindly oblivious that by the end of this year, I would meet the guy who’ll play with my heartstrings and make me dance in the symphony of love, Rahul.

There is something unbelievably refreshing about meeting someone who is on the same life frequency as you. Everything feels effortless and natural. You just embrace it, and it’s beautiful, and on 31st December 2017, what began as a tinder date, would end in a blissful marriage. But there were things that needed to be dusted first. I had hidden in my closet of comfort, but the air was running thin, so it was time to come out to my family.

So I first told my twin sister about being gay, and she supported me right away, saying she always knew but respected my silence. Sometimes, a moment can last for an eternity. It was when I waited for my dad to respond when I came out to him, but he only said, “you are my son, and I love you no matter what, and nothing will ever change that. As long as you are happy, that’s all that matters to me”, saying we braced each other till my heart stopped hammering.

 Now that everything was sealed and signed, only one thing remained.

 I wanted the proposal to be intimate to celebrate our love and freedom, so I looked no further than the 4th of July in New York. On our private yacht during the firework display, I popped the question, and Rahul ecstatically accepted. Be it New York or London, and I had found my home in this person.

We felt like achieving a milestone by having each other on our sides.

And our hearts so different, yet still beat as one. A love for ages had only begun, when you said I love you, I knew I’d won, a soulmate, I would spend my life and afterlives with.