Suumaya: A Priceless Possession


Suumaya: A Priceless Possession

The idea of manufacturing clothes has run in our family line for a very long time. From the year 1985, my family and I have been dealing with threads and clothing items. It was an old-fashioned business model that handled traditional clothing and supplied it to the masses. Being a traditional business, it had its own limitation and of course it came with an expiry date that wasn’t too long.

The year 2016 is when I decided to revive the stagnant traditional business to a new-age LISTED COMPANY, it came with its own challenges. Most of the business ventures suffer a lot in their early stages, and that is what exactly happened to us for quite some time, a whole year actually. Trying to understand each customer’s psyche and designing our clothes according to that was a big wall that we had to climb over. Also, people from different regions have a specific taste, so to combine them all and get to fruition was an immense challenge.

Designing sure is fun and easy, whereas establishing is on a different level. We are comparing the bottom and the top shelf here.

If not for the dedication of every individual affiliated with Suumaya, we would have already sunk. We started to flourish in the market slowly and started our journey with Indo western wear for women. Our store number had increased from 1 to 30; our dealers had amplified by 1300. We also had our total revenue increased at an exponential rate. It grew from 10 crores per annum to 377 crores per annum.

Even when the lockdown happened, we adapted to the nature of the market and started producing goods that were essential in those unprecedented times. We switched from selling clothes to manufacturing personal protective equipment kits and masks. We came up to be the second-largest manufacturer in India with an order of 7000 crore items.

I believe that the true gem lies at the bottom of the pyramid and not on the top. Delivering our top-notch services is the best promotional strategy that I can suggest to someone who has plans for establishing a company.

It always seems impossible until it is actually done. Keep working, keep striving, keep the goal on your mind and I assure you that someday you yourself will find a gem exclusive only to you. And no one can take it away from you.