“Not Giving Up”- Swasti Semwal


"Not Giving Up"- Swasti Semwal

I was an artistically inclined student and later went to different auditions, trying to figure things out on my own as I had no contacts in the industry, nor was I groomed for it. I was determined to make a career in acting. My family also accepted my choice gradually. I worked in T.V. shows in Mumbai, where I had a bad time, and then went to try my luck in the South, but the conditions there were even worse.

In Hyderabad, I was shuffling between the office and the production houses. I did some magazine covers, and it was very welcoming. A director once asked me to gain weight, which was supposedly mandatory in the southern industry, and I believed him. I did that in 6 months as I was desperate for my break. But he then told me that he could not cast someone so chubby! I decided to take a stand for myself. Another director asked me to compromise, and that shook me as he is very well-known.

On returning to Mumbai, a friend of mine, who was a casting director, invited me for a look test. But later, he said that they had already approved me for the role – I just had to go and start the shoot. I was excited.

The costume handed to me on the first day did not fit me. I asked the dresser to alter it. After 2 hours, I still had no update regarding my costume. Soon, a woman walked into my vanity with my costume and changed; I realized that I had been replaced on the spot from the show just because I could not fit into the dress!

I called my friend and cried out of humiliation. Instead of changing a costume, they changed the artist! The show business might have worked for some, but it was not working for me and therefore I made up my mind to quit.

I decided to try digital marketing and started making videos on makeup, DIYs, and self-help. I am in a beautiful place now, where I am my director, producer, and everything is under my control, and I am happy with whatever I am doing today! I have also done some TV shows in my acting career and this brings me utmost satisfaction.

I don’t believe that I am in any competition against anyone. Through my journey, I want to show that one must never give up and never lose hope that something better is in store for us.