5 Min Bit With Swathi Singh Rajput

Swathi Singh Rajput

Swathi Singh Rajput is a Certified Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor who is making others look and feel the best versions of themselves. After having been diagnosed with Tuberculosis at a young age, she went on a journey to heal her body and mind with yoga and Ayurveda.

 Swathi considers herself blessed to be able to explore healthy choices earlier on to be able to recover and let her journey inspire others. Besides, she ensures holistic nutrition which helps her clients remain fit and heal organically. Read more about her battle with TB, recovery and her wellness journey in this chit-chat with Storiyaan.

Swathi Singh Rajput


Questions and answers

Can you elaborate on the reasons that kindled your interest in becoming a wellness coach?

I always observed how food affected me but the bug of a health freak bit me when I was an overweight teen who badly wanted to lose weight to look better. This made me venture into unhealthy and crash diets which left me with impaired immunity. Eventually, I contracted Tuberculosis, lost drastic weight and was bed-ridden for two years. Due to this incident, I hopped on the journey to explore healthier food and nutrition options but soon my father and sister were also affected by TB. Unfortunately, I had to lose my sister but I plunged deeper into understanding and exploring healthy eating and today, my father and I are both fit and doing well.

What are some of the misconceptions people have about Tuberculosis and how early can one start living a normal life again?

The common misconception about tuberculosis is that it is transmitted through touch. People assume it to be an unhygienic disease and this sustains the social stigma around it and add to that the lack of education about such diseases. If a person eats right, takes medications on time, and chooses a healthy lifestyle, they can fight against tuberculosis and lead a normal life again.

Ayurveda is not limited to medicine or therapy; instead, it implies a holistic approach to life. How has Ayurveda proved beneficial to you?

Ayurveda simplifies your lifestyle in an uncomplicated scenario when you are multitasking with work, family etc. This makes it increasingly difficult to ensure a work-life balance. Ayurveda helps you balance your body, mind, soul and the world that you live in.  It isn’t just a medical science that helps you battle diseases. Ayurveda should be practised every day.

How were you introduced to yoga and when did you start harvesting the benefits of this ancient fitness form?

I was introduced to yoga as a kid who watched my grandfather practice it. We also watched television and Baba Ramdev popularised yoga but that didn’t get to it. It was only when I was recommended yoga by my doctor while I was suffering from tuberculosis that I looked into it. And the rest is history today.

What are some of the misconceptions people have about weight loss and yoga when it comes to weight loss?

The concept of weight loss often includes less eating and crash diets. This is a common misconception that such diets can be helpful beyond short-term gains. And for yoga people consider it to be limited to breathing movements and some positions. Therefore, the lack of awareness is acute and enables such thinking.

What’s your mission as a yoga instructor?

My mission is to spread the real idea of yoga where yoga is much more than asana. It can be a way of lifestyle, it can help you be active and also find the perfect balance physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I wish to introduce this aspect of yoga and ensure that people better their work-life, relationships, and also connecting with themselves.

How has your relationship with your body changed since you adopted a holistic way of life through nutrition and yoga?

Today, I know what my body feels. I can communicate my body’s needs in the most uncomplicated way.

Firstly, it’s about “How” and “When” to eat and then “What you eat”. Therefore, by getting into nutrition and yoga I have become a much happier and more self-sufficient human.