5 Min Bit with Tanya Khatri


“Hi, I am Tanya Khatri, and I am a content creator. I’ve been in the industry for almost six to seven years and no, I didn’t always know that I wanted to become a content creator when I grew up. I took my time, did various internships and explored my options. Organized events, edited books, curated them, worked with a media house and a couple of NGOs too and it was only after three years of experimenting that I realised that I wanted to do my own thing.” – These words were said by the writer herself as she prepares herself for a 5 min bit with team storiyaan. To know more, read further about the crumbled paper. 


Questions and answers

Describe the art of writing in a few words.

Writing has to be one of the most personal forms of art. It begins with being free on the sheet of paper and ends with a deeper understanding of the self. Personally, writing has not only been an escape but also a journey towards self-exploration and acceptance.

Your feed looks aesthetic on Instagram. How did you conceptualize it?

It took months of trying new things, new themes and new styles for me to find the one that felt like me. I believe in being authentic and hence I took the time to really put myself out there.

What do healing and art mean to you?

Everything to be honest and I think each one paves  way for the other. Sometimes you create art to heal from something and other times, art ends up healing you in ways you can’t imagine.

What was the main idea behind creating the crumpled paper?

Back in 2016 I just wanted a creative outlet to gather my thoughts and that’s when the idea of ‘The Crumpled Paper’ germinated. When it was stable enough to sustain itself, I wanted other artists to share the platform too. So, apart from the Instagram handle, I started an Online Consultancy which caters to the needs of various brands. We improve their online presence and also provide quality content to reach their target audience

Where do you see your page 10 years down the line?

Ten years is a long time. I am not the kind of person who plans about life however impractical this may sound to others. Captain Holt once said, “Even the best laid plans sometimes don’t work out.” So, I wouldn’t want to waste my time planning my life as it passes me by.