Tech Harman: Initiative is everything


Tech Harman: A great Initiative

It was a dusky evening on my Mom’s birthday when I finally triggered off my YouTube channel. I couldn’t gift her anything, so I set a goal to earn enough to buy a lovely gift for her next birthday, something she would cherish.

I was a newbie here, so harboring views was a nail I had to hammer, and I did stumble this bumpy road, but the candle of faith never dwindled. With luck on my side, I minted enough money to afford a gold pendant with the initial ‘B,’ in the beloved memory of my departed father, Mr. Baljinder Singh.

 I think that we all can optimize social media to harness productivity instead of plaguing it. My YouTube earnings have covered for my college fees. Still, if you have that privilege you can cover your leisure expenditure with it and believe me you will have this marvelous feeling of independence plus no spending restrictions, in a country where we delay our prime age of earning. My YouTube was doing fine, but it needed a boost, so I started an Instagram account.

 This is a pivotal tip to grow on a platform and having a wider reach. The trick is, tapping on all social platforms to spread your reach. Time passed and blessed me with 18k followers on my YouTube channel, Bindass Harman Everything was sunny, but the day of 15th May 2020, I faced a crisis.

 My YouTube account got hacked. I was crestfallen beyond all odds because I had slogged my ass to shoot it to a position. But my supportive Instagram family illuminated the path on getting my channel back, and after 21 days of blood, sweat, and tears, I snatched it back. Currently, I have 3 YouTube channels- Tech Harman with 39k subscribers, Harman Sra with 4.2k and Bindass Harman with 1.3k subscribers. But this is only a small win.

 I have ambitious milestones I want to hit, and then there are humble goals like getting 100k subscriptions on YouTube and getting verified by Instagram, which with enough faith, won’t be a long road as I have always known that you never get opportunities to knock your door, you have to create them.